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London Fire - Command Support - 14-06-2017

A horrific fire in the early hours of this morning in Grenfell Towers in London. Up to 50 hospitalised so far and propably multiple fatalities also:


RE: London Fire - 62colmm - 14-06-2017

Terrible reading this it's eerily reminiscent of the twin towers

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RE: London Fire - EMTeabreak - 14-06-2017

Bloody hell

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RE: London Fire - coastguardsteve - 14-06-2017

Absolutely terrifying watching the incident unfold on nights! Amazing to have 200 fire service personel available. Especially when LFB have resisted repeated attempts to reduce their size and service by torries. The pure operation of fire fighting in a building of that size must be complex. Some of the pictures of the fire fighters this morning really shows the efforts ongoing over night have taken their toll. Kudos to them all!

RE: London Fire - Paulzx - 14-06-2017

(14-06-2017, 05:18 PM)coastguardsteve Wrote:  ¬†Especially when LFB have resisted repeated attempts to reduce their size and service by torries.¬†

Boris Johnson overseen the closure of 10 Fire Stations in London as recently as 2014.

The Tories have been pushing hard for fire station closures all over the UK.

RE: London Fire - Command Support - 14-06-2017

600 firefighter jobs lost in London alone and the FBU say 10,000 all over the UK. Can't find a figure for station closures.

RE: London Fire - coastguardsteve - 14-06-2017

Fair enough, i remember stuff about closures when i lived there, but i hadnt known it happened. Madness really when an incident like this happens

RE: London Fire - Brigade - 14-06-2017

Don't think if they had 2,000 fireman and not 200 at it would it have made a difference.
That building was lost in minutes and unless they were standing outside the building st the time, I doubt if they could have done more.
What appears to be combustible cladding, single stairs, crap fire alarm, no sprinklers and policy of telling residents to remain in their apartments instead of evacuating all combining to kill the residents.
God only knows what the final death toll will be but I think it could be really high.

The one thing I thought from an operational point of view that the LFB looked difficient in was the reach of their aerial appliances.
As far as I know they only have 30m TLs and 32m ALPs, so that's at best 12/13 floor , well short of the top floors.
In fact I read this evening that Surrey are sending the LFB their 42m ALP.
Hard to credit that the LFB have nothing taller than 32m .
An interesting bit of history though, it's 351 years since the Great Fire of London where only 6 deaths were recorded, but the Royal Fire Commisioners decreed that " no roofs nor buildings in London wilst be built nor covered with materials if that shouldst burn"

London Fire - Tactimule - 15-06-2017

Fireman just tweeted the sun this..... legend! I [Image: 89e581bcde1559b51d4454a82e0a06f1.jpg]

RE: London Fire - 62colmm - 15-06-2017

Mick = Legend!

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