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Lifeguard governance - Eighttoamile - 21-10-2017

Had this question posed to me today and was curious as to what the answer was.

Life guards in Ireland are trained under the Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS) and as a part of their training do a level of first aid deemed adequate by same (including CPR, AED and spinal immobilization) . The question was, who is the governing body which over sees compliance from a medical stand point. As PHECC do with most other organizations?

Lifeguard governance - Actual Paramedic - 21-10-2017

There are 2 different awarding bodies, the RLSS as you mention and also Irish Water Safety.

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RE: Lifeguard governance - Brigade - 22-10-2017

Didn’t know they were trained under the RLSS?
Lifeguards in public beaches and lakes etc are local authority employees. Most local authorities have a Water Safety Officer responsible for their training and appointment and as I understand it they come under the auspices of Irish Water Safety for relevant standards ?

RE: Lifeguard governance - Eighttoamile - 23-10-2017

RLSS cover a lot of private leisure centre pools. Are both RLSS and Irish water safety recognised as first aid providers then?

RE: Lifeguard governance - Brigade - 23-10-2017

Not sure to be honest, the whole thing of PHECC overseeing organizations is a tad confusing.
Is it not just organizations that have EMT and above that they oversee?
Surely it’s nigh on impossible and pointless to be attempting to oversee anyone else?

Lifeguard governance - Actual Paramedic - 23-10-2017

The HSA used to be the overseeing body for OFA, technically they probably did the likes of swimming pools due to it being a workplace. The lifeguard organisations possibly said they trained up to and beyond the level of OFA.

Just my thoughts and no evidence of the above.

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RE: Lifeguard governance - Brigade - 23-10-2017

But the HSA didn’t actually oversee it, all they did was set a course content. No on actually oversees the standards as such?

RE: Lifeguard governance - Eighttoamile - 23-10-2017

Very interesting feedback folks thanks, immobilization and AED training is covered along with other OFA skills on these courses

RE: Lifeguard governance - HarryPotter - 05-11-2017

Not 100% on topic, but I see lots of people referencing REC 3 first aid courses. Does anyone know where or how they fit into the PHECC system?

RE: Lifeguard governance - coastguardsteve - 05-11-2017

They would be equivalent to First Aid Responder level. But they dont fit into phecc, they are governed by themsleves as an organisation. Very good courses.

RE: Lifeguard governance - HarryPotter - 05-11-2017

I am open to correction but was one of the roles of phecc not to standardise to various levels of pre hospital care? To get away from dozens of different courses and titles in use with different organisations.