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F/F Ciaran Cullen (Ret) - The Gap - 26-10-2017

Retired F/F Ciaran Cullen,( brother of Gda Colm Cullen R.I.P) has died after a long illness. Ciaran was the absolute epitome of a senior man, patient, witty, a great mentor to junior members and sub officers trying to find their feet, and a presence that filled the room. The only man I ever met that finished The Irish Times crossword in his tea break and one of the funniest people to chat to.. RIP.

RE: F/F Ciaran Cullen (Ret) - foreign - 26-10-2017

Rest in Peace.

RE: F/F Ciaran Cullen (Ret) - Tripline - 26-10-2017

I worked with him in the Control Room in Tara St. What a true Gentleman. RIP Ciaran

RE: F/F Ciaran Cullen (Ret) - Command Support - 26-10-2017


F/F Ciaran Cullen (Ret) - EMTeabreak - 26-10-2017

Never met him but certainly heard a lot about him


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