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Amazon Fire Stick - Brigade - 05-11-2017

I see these are on sale in Tesco despite Amazon saying they won’t work in Ireland?
I signed up for Amazon Prime last year only to be told that ( and discovered) that despite their ads that didn’t work in Ireland either. Although to be fair they changed my acvount region to UK immediately upon querying it and it works fine on mobile devices.
So question for the geeks will a fire stick work here considering my amazon account is UK region , or alternatively explain to a Luddite the easy way of watching Amazon Prime Video on TV screens?

Amazon Fire Stick - echo59 - 06-11-2017

Well, Tesco also sell phones with UK phone cables. Also UK-connection extension cables. Not an Irish connector in sight, go figure!

To answer your question, I don't know what would work out-of-the-box but it would be possible to run your internet connection through a proxy server in the UK to make Amazon think that was where your router was. Might be a bit of hassle though.

Although, if your mobile devices work over here, you might be in luck...

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RE: Amazon Fire Stick - Command Support - 06-11-2017

How about a Chromecast device? You may be able to “cast” your mobile devices onto the tv screen with it. That’s what I use for Netflix, YouTube, Spotify,etc. If I want them through the tv.


The alternative is to stick on amazon tv on a laptop and use a HDMI cable to plug it into the tv.

RE: Amazon Fire Stick - 62colmm - 06-11-2017

I used Amazon prime on mobile & casted via Chromecast worked fine. That's how I watch eir sports package. Though I see Amazon app available on PS4 which is what I use for Netflix

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RE: Amazon Fire Stick - Brigade - 12-11-2017

Sorted, had a bit of playing around but working fine now with chrome cast.
Incidently, also using Terrarium TV, have to say I’m impressed with the range and quality of movies and tv shows on it.

RE: Amazon Fire Stick - EMTeabreak - 13-11-2017

Have been using Terrarium the last few weeks. Brilliant

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RE: Amazon Fire Stick - 62colmm - 13-11-2017

What's the correct version to download? Loads of emails on playstore

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RE: Amazon Fire Stick - Brigade - 13-11-2017

Just downloaded from the link on that.
I have to say it’s really good, pile of stuff that I couldn’t even get on dvd from Amazon and quality is perfect.

RE: Amazon Fire Stick - 62colmm - 13-11-2017


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RE: Amazon Fire Stick - 62colmm - 13-11-2017

Keeps telling me to turn off screen overlay in settings apps but f##ked if I can find it!

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