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SO Neil McGhee - Brigade - 23-11-2017

Station Officer Neil McGhee, Loughrea Fire Station died suddenly this morning at his home.
Despite the best efforts of Neil’s own crew who responded and our colleagues in the NAS who attended so promptly, Neil passed away, at the much too young age of 45.
Neil is survived by his daughters Abbie and Meghan, his wife Jean and partner Ashling.

Sleep well, big fella, we’ll miss you.

SO Neil McGhee - silop10 - 24-11-2017


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SO Neil McGhee - echo59 - 24-11-2017


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RE: SO Neil McGhee - The Gap - 24-11-2017

Far too young.. R.I.P.

RE: SO Neil McGhee - 62colmm - 24-11-2017

That is way too young R. I. P.

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SO Neil McGhee - Tactimule - 24-11-2017


RE: SO Neil McGhee - Command Support - 24-11-2017

it’s a cruel world. RIP.