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This is nuts! - LPP - 08-01-2018


RE: This is nuts! - Brigade - 09-01-2018

Well the PIAB have made a right balls out of that ....

This is nuts! - Tactimule - 09-01-2018

For the love of.....

RE: This is nuts! - Eighttoamile - 10-01-2018

This takes the whole question of 'if someone breaks into your house and you attack them are you in the wrong?' to a new extreme. If someone breaks into your home and you don't have a caution wet floor sign down will be the future at this rate!😂

RE: This is nuts! - Command Support - 10-01-2018

It’s quite obvious the Shopkeeper failed to complete the necessary risk assessments and implement appropriate control measures to ensure the safety of said criminal. The criminal, as his neighbour under law, should feel very aggrieved at the shopkeepers blatant negligence.

In all seriousness, That the criminal even brought any case is a sad reflection of the direction Civil law and society is moving in.

RE: This is nuts! - 62colmm - 10-01-2018

When answering 999 calls in Command & Control in mid 1990s I took a call from a gouger who had broken his ankle after falling through a skylight while breaking into a premises. He was more worried by the snarling guard dog that was clearly audible in background making his way to greet his visitor. Of course call was entered as ann emergency top priority etc etc

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