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Road Traffic Medicine - Brigade - 09-02-2018

Interesting . I think??


Road Traffic Medicine - vidar - 09-02-2018

Something that should be done better and I would suggest removed from the GP.

No local GP I’ve met and chatted to about this will refuse to sign one of these or a seatbelt exemption form, the reason being that they reckon pal will turn against the GP and won’t come to him if he for checkups or if sick or if mental health issues and so might not seek any help, I agree with them.

Put the requirement under RSA remit, let them have a panel of doctors that can to these assessments and that are trained for it, also have a panel of RSA driver assessors for people who have developed medical issues or suffered trauma that may affect their ability to drive

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RE: Road Traffic Medicine - 62colmm - 10-02-2018

I agree with Vidar in principle but one has to be very careful if recruiting such a panel. As someone with a notifiable condition, MS, I have come across the good & the bad in general practice as regards certification of fitness to drive. I realise all my difficulties that I outline below are regarding professional driving (response) but the biases are there and have caused/continue to cause me unnecessary stress. One locum even went so far as to say "I would not want you driving at speed!" There are plenty of persons with biased views both within medicine and indeed within our job. Iv suffered discrimination based solely on a personal level held bias as medical evidence from a consultant neurologist & 2 eye specialists AND our CMO was ignored & I was sent for a re- assessment at driving school which consisted of a final drive with no pre assessment practice and me being grounded for previous 5 months. Passed to cbd1 level which has caused its own difficulties and over 2 years after am still waiting for course! (school recommends second week on but still bloody waiting)

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