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Brexit - Brigade - 30-07-2019

Is anyone else of the same opinion as me, that the 31st Oct. can’t come too soon, so that we can be rid of the poisonous fucks in the UK....

RE: Brexit - Kevin - 30-07-2019

Saying they are willing to leave with no deal has to be the most obvious bluff in history. All the EU has to do is wait it out and stick with their position.

Their arrogance to expect that they would get to leave on their own terms, keeping all the benefits with none of the drawbacks is astonishing. Though arrogance has always been a specialist subject of the Brits.

RE: Brexit - Tactimule - 31-07-2019

The arrogance, self importance and neo-Imperialism is starting to wear a bit thin to be honest. Borris Johnson, that Reese-Mogg idiot and there ilk don’t give a shite about the human cost of brexit coz they’re all rich, public school, silver spoon, neo liberal dickheads. For instance..... https://jrnl.ie/4742446

RE: Brexit - Command Support - 31-07-2019

I’m sick of it. It was heart in mouth when the first meaningful votes were taking place earlier this year, at this stage though it’s wearing a bit thin. It’s quite possible again in October the House of Commons as opposed to the UK government could stall the whole thing or kick the can down the road again. Or, they could get their wish and dine on the finest chlorinated chicken the US has to offer.

RE: Brexit - Brigade - 11-09-2019

<p>Was on a course for the last few days, delivered by a guy from the UK.</p><p>Utterly amazing listening to him about how unconcerned they are about Brexit.</p><p>Even though he voted to remain, he reckoned it's all scare tactics and that them leaving will be no different to the scare about the millennium bug, everything would just be like it is before they left the EU.</p><p>Mind you he got a bit of a land, when I told him it would be the last time we'd be doing business with them, as we'd be switching to an EU based company.</p><p><br></p>

RE: Brexit - m4j - 16-09-2019

Well if the plan for Dublin Docks is anything to go by we simply are not prepared for all eventualities. When busy they plan to turn all HGVs back out and down the tunnel to find AppleGreens to wait in!!

If it wasn’t for the probing by Sean ORourke did we find out that it’s Normal now to have 8 miles of trucks yet this only have 3 miles of road and a yard I believe for 80 HGVs!!

No preparation or planning they are just going to wing it. That was more or less a quote from the CEO of the Docklands

RE: Brexit - Brigade - 23-09-2019

<p>Spent a great few days in Frankfurt. Scanned my EU passport at the automatic passport reader, walked through the blue channel at customs, paid for the S-Bahn&nbsp;with the euro coins in my pocket and used google maps on the phone without roaming charges.</p><p>And then in the way home, myself and few others had a great snigger when we saw a huge line for passport control , only to hear an airport official calling all EU passport holders to leave the line and proceed to the four booths for EU passport holders with no queues .</p><p>And the loudest laugh came for the Polizei who smiled at the Brit who came out of the line with his obviously recently renewed UK passport&nbsp;and was told “ Zat is not an EU passport, plis return to ze line”.</p><p>Hee hee hee, isn’t the EU brilliant🤗</p><p><br></p>

RE: Brexit - Administrator - 24-09-2019

Last time I used the passport scanner in Dublin the stupid thing locked with me in it.

Forget, I show it to the human now