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Illegible Posts - Brigade - 02-11-2019

Any idea why the posts are full of strange characters?
Doest seem to matter whether it's posted from an iPhone or Android tablet?

RE: Illegible Posts - Dirtyshirt72 - 02-11-2019

<p>I only ever post from PC using Edge, on Win 10 and some of my posts come out like this.</p><p><br></p><p>Sometimes though, if I quote someone with the funny characters, I end up getting them too. Its a coding thing. The arrows and slashes are a giveaway...</p>

RE: Illegible Posts - echo59 - 02-11-2019

It's mark-up language. It's what the forum uses for formatting posts. The p and /p codes mark a new paragraph. The codes are surrounded by angled brackets.

It's really annoying.

RE: Illegible Posts - Administrator - 05-11-2019

been away a few weeks but tried at the time to fix this issue. I have now, I think, resolved the problem

RE: Illegible Posts - Dirtyshirt72 - 05-11-2019

We'll see Smile