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The TV Thread
A place to highlight new shows of interest to ES members or discuss current shows.

Coastline Cops
Tuesday 8/12/09 at 2000hours on ITV1

[Image: 676a65f8bed6b7052b50601cf71e1fcc_M.jpg?time=1236918299]

Starting on Tuesday, 8 December at 8:00PM is a new three-part documentary series for ITV1 that follows the normally unseen and unheralded work of the police officers who keep the peace around Britainâ€s 10,500 miles of coastline. Each week, we follow the Coastline cops as they deal with everything from terrorist threats and drunken sailors to emergency rescues and finding missing children.

Britainâ€s Coastline Cops not only patrol our shores, they are also responsible for law and order out on the water. Itâ€s the police and not the navy whose job it is to keep the peace as far as 12 miles out to sea off our coast in our territorial waters.

In this first episode, Summer Blues, the Coastline Cops have to deal with potential terrorist threats and drunken sailors during Cowes Week, burglars targeting holidaymakers in Lowestoft, more drunks – this time blues fans at a Cumbrian festival, and a little girl whoâ€s gone missing in Scarborough.

The Solent in Hampshire is Britainâ€s busiest waterway. Every year a million ships pass through this channel which runs between the south coast of England and the Isle of Wight.

The Coastline Cops who look after this stretch of water are an elite team of specialist marine officers led by Sergeant Andy Simpson. His job is to target criminals and terrorists and, today, itâ€s terrorists who are uppermost in his mind.

He tells Coastline Cops: “Thereâ€s an awful lot of Southampton water that we keep an eye on from a counter-terrorism angle. Not just the fixed installations like the refineries and the power station, youâ€ve also got the big cruise ships and the ferries.”

With counter terrorism their main priority, checking just who is on the many yachts is also an important part of their work. After boarding one yacht to check its occupants†passports, Sergeant Simpson tells the programme: “We are mainly a counter terrorist unit. We need to get the message across to anybody out there who is thinking of coming into the UK, that if you do come into the waters of Hampshire or the Isle of Wight then thereâ€s every chance a police officer is going to come onto your boat and just have a friendly chat and check your documentation.”
Watched some of this on catch up tv. Decidedly average reality cop show. I did like the Irish guvnor who works out of Lowestoft, previously of Harlow, and his lead from the front approach. Well done that man!
Dragging this back up. Did anybody catch episode 2? It features an excellent example of how not to handle a public order incident. And two examples of when not to use your spray! Both of these from the same incident. WT, you able to find any links to watch the show? - Home of the real emergency service personnel.
Have watched the incident you're talking about and it was a complete cluster. The overweight and unfit WPCs struggled to catch their breath while the male PCs sprayed each other. Hilarious. Not exactly North Yorkshire Police's finest tv moment.
(17-12-2009, 09:03 PM)foreign Wrote: WT, you able to find any links to watch the show?

Episode 1:
Another new show from the makers of Brit Cops: Frontline Crime and Brit Cops: Zero Tolerance....... Brit Cops: Rapid Response.

Brit Cops: Rapid Response puts you on the frontline with the fastest cops in the country. First on scene when there's trouble, and first in line when other officers call for help, these cops face hostility and disorder every day. From motorway mayhem to town centre trouble, Brit Cops: Rapid Response takes you right into the heart of the action, at break-neck speed.

Show starts Wednesday at 2200hours on Bravo.
There's and ad on sky at the moment for a programme on customs or drugs units or similar and a comment along the lines of "On your best day you aren't as good as me on my worst day" is made by one of the participants.

I'm assuming when the entire clip is shown that line will be the punchline to a joke or story he was telling. If not and he's serious, then I'm :blush: for him.
Sorry for short notice just saw an ad there for a show called NI Road Patrol about PSNI traffic units, on BBC1 and 22:35
Just watched it! Was quite good! Made traffic blues look like the shit it was!
"Private Number Calling" - As if im going to answer that!!!
(02-02-2010, 02:17 PM)woodentop Wrote:

Doesnt work here even though it was shown on bbc ni :@

Was a good show, too short though. Glad the mouthy little git lost his case saying his R plate just fell off but was down the bottom of his boot, when you're in a hole stop bloody digging
On again in 30mins on BBC1 chaps
Trauma, coming soon to Virgin.

But there has only been one series made and it doesn't look like a series two will be made. - Home of the real emergency service personnel.
Jesus that Brit Cops UK Rapid Response is some pile of horse shite!!!!! . . . . . .like most of them Police TV shows . . . .talk about the mundane!!!!!

Like some of these below . . . jesus every second channel at night is showing some sorta Police/ EMS TV show now!! . . . .

COPS . . .poor show alot of the time imo. Yanks shoving Guns in everyone's faces.

ROAD WARS hasn't been good for a very very long time now. All repeats and alot of it can be very tedious. Un-watchable imo

STREET CRIME UK . . .Rubbish

COSTA DEL STREET CRIME . . . .or what ever its called is one terrible TV show.

DALLAS SWAT . . .was good at first but became very repetitive.

POLICE IN ACTION . . . .very very mundane boring stuff but its striking how different the Canadians are to the Yanks . . . fair play to them.

MOTORWAY PATROL . . . . Funny but boring show about ruthless New Zealand Motorway Polis handing out MASSIVE roadside fines to people for every sort of offence!!!!!

TRAFFIC COPS . . .used to be a good show . . . .not seen a new one in a long time

The NI Roads Policing Programme was good I taught . . . . .sure made a "show" ( pardon the pun ) of that Traffic Blues nonsense.
'He who gives up Liberty for Security, deserves neither Liberty or Security".
Rapid Response is rubbish. I thought it might be good as Zero Tolerance was pretty good, but the narrator from all the Brit Cops shows gets on my tits.

Tbh most of these programs are all mediocre. The first few series of Road Wars with Pat and Carl was good cop tv, everything since has been a bit lacklustre.

I did enjoy Skycops (not the ones in Yorkshire....yawn) and In the line of fire was good.
(12-02-2010, 12:33 AM)Admin Wrote: I liked coast del purely because it showed how lenient we actually are with people.

Also, the Guards is coming soon. There seems to have been changes to it such as shaving and uniform amendments. Its starting to look like it might be OK.

(I have a feeling the threads started about it was by the makers 19)

. .Ya they certainly had a different way of doing things in the Costa . . .boxing folks whenever they felt like it . . . .

I'd be very wary of their justice system though . . . . locking folks up before investigating the alleged Crime/ Offence. Not good if your on the receiving end . . .

Accusatorial V ( ours ) Inquisitorial.

I remember that poor Garda in 2001 who was locked up for 2 months ( or 10 weeks I read elsewhere ) in the Canary Islands having been accused of Rape . . .he was released eventually after two months.

He was cleared by Forensic Tests

FFS, they lock you up and then start the investigation . . . .grand for the clearly guilty but for the likes of that mule, or any other innocent people . . . .not good

( sorry wayyyy off Topic 19 )

Back on Topic . . . . . . . Did any of ye see the Junkie on monday nights NI Roads Policing Show who kept on calling the PSNI Officer "Garda" . . . . .I was in stitches myself.
'He who gives up Liberty for Security, deserves neither Liberty or Security".
ITV4 tonight at 2100hours, first part of In the Line of Fire is being repeated for those who missed it last time around.
(11-02-2010, 05:08 PM)foreign Wrote: Trauma, coming soon to Virgin.

But there has only been one series made and it doesn't look like a series two will be made.

Starts Monday. - Home of the real emergency service personnel.
[Image: EXXYINhlpvB6Yz9.jpg]


Thursday 18 March at 9:00PM National Geographic Channel

Armed robbers ram through the gates of a Heathrow cargo warehouse in 2004 to steal £80m worth of gold, diamonds and cash. Acting on a tip off, London's elite Flying Squad wait and catch the armed gang red handed.

How did detectives foil one of Britain's biggest heists? This gripping show looks at the work of this elite Police unit and reveals how they tackle the most dangerous armed criminals in the UK. With exclusive interviews from former Flying Squad detectives we examine the successes as well as the scandal's and the conviction of corrupt former Squad officers.

This is a gritty insight into the real life Sweeney - one of the world's toughest Police units.

Flying Squad: The Real Sweeney
Archive footage and compelling interviews reveal how a technological arms race between crooks and cops changed the way the Flying Squad works.

Next Showing:
Thursday 18 March at 9:00PM - National Geographic Channel

Friday 19 March at 12:00AM - National Geographic Channel
Saturday 20 March at 11:00PM - National Geographic Channel
Problem is like everything else, all these shows not just cop related but ff & paramedic ones get repetetive after a while.
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