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Music Thread
RIP Lou Reed....

The best gift you can give to someone is your time, because you are giving them something you can never get back.
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The less you give a feck, The happier you'll be!!

“The difference between genius and stupidity is; genius has its limits.”
― Albert Einstein
If you're brain and body is already filled with Epinephrine and or you are in a flight or fight response, this song may make you extremely rage-full . BE CAREFUL when you play the song, as depending on the time, your current feelings, actions,etc this song may release extreme rage. While it is wonderful to release rage (pretty much , depending if on you're Epinephrine,etc stats you will be READY FOR ANYTHING. YOU CHANGE, you do not care. YOU JUST WANT TO ROCK.

OF COURSE, it is only music, but listen. Really, depending on you're current brain and body this song may release passionate rage.

So, lets say you take Ephedrine or something , and you're body and brain is pumped, READY FOR ACTION. This song will surely as hell really help release the RAGE.

Lets say, you have to run or enter a situation where it requires extreme force, taking down an scumbag. it will make you mentally and some what psychically ready.

- If you have a iPod or other portable music device with good quality earplugs, be sure as hell to have this song with you.

- Requiem For A tower
- Requiem For A dream

There are many different versions, so browse youtube,itunes,etc to find the best one for you.

The music alone with not release the rage, you must be in the mood to take action or have the ideas (wink) on what you would do ....

Really, it may sound crazy that music (song) can have such a influence on your mood,body,etc but this song anyway does. And I am sure as hell for it, SO listen to it with whatever. You will really, BE READY TO ROCK.

Get in the mood, to be ready to have action/fight/etc, and play this song. Also, if you take

Now, the idea is lets say you are on call to enter some scumbag fighting, and you need to interfere. And lets say you may be a bit scared, if you are able to change your mind to rage and ready for action, then play this song. (Requiem For A tower ,Requiem For A dream,etc). BEAUTIFUL.


- You should listen to the whole song. Don't skip it parts,etc. You need it to build up.
- Focus on the song,emotions,etc.
- If you want to calm down, this song will not calm you down. It will only make you filled with passionate rage ready for anything.
- Download (buy ;-) ) a good quality version.
- There's many different versions of the song, so make sure you get the one that effects you the most.
- There are different versions of Requiem for a Tower so get the one that effects you best.
- Listing to the song won't do it by yourself, so focus on the song and your emotions, feel like you need to become in rage, to tackle the scumbags, to be ready to fight or flight. to rock .

I really do love this one.!/s/Requiem+For+...p3Bi?src=5

Bonus song: (not related to Requiem for a tower/dream,etc)
Other tips:
- Dark Chocolate 85%+ can effect this song nicely.
We are the willing, led by the unknowning, doing the impossible, for the ungrateful.
(20-12-2013, 02:58 PM)Command Support Wrote:


What I am trying to say is a song can extremely cause great passionate rage and strength, and this is a real possibility.

Now, depending on some music, they can seriously influence you're mood. And the songs I posted can extremely cause passionate rage, and this may be very helpful for Guards in Ireland as they must deal with scumbags and others.

So, the song may be helpful for some.

I will say that, I really suggest the Guards do take a serious look at the song I posted, as it can influence you're moral at certain situations which will provide you in some cases a new type of brain power.

I wish you all very well.

iPod Shuffle:
- Very small.
- Clips on to anything.
- Simple to use, could use it in patrol car,etc.
- €50 .
[+] Comes with charger
[+] Comes with earplugs.

The less you give a feck, The happier you'll be!!
Oh damn
Volunteers Are Unpaid , Not Because They Are Worthless. But Because They  Are Priceless !!!

The less you give a feck, The happier you'll be!!
Hard to believe the Killers album hot fuss is 10 years old. One of my all time favourites.
We are the willing, led by the unknowning, doing the impossible, for the ungrateful.

Varied mix!

The less you give a feck, The happier you'll be!!

The less you give a feck, The happier you'll be!!

Thought it was time to resurrect this thread, preferably with real musicians .
Anyway, here goes,Jackson Browne playing a bit of Warren Zevon ....
The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are filled with doubts while the stupid people are full of confidence...
Listening to this guy a lot lately especially when I can't sleep.....
The less you give a feck, The happier you'll be!!