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The Garda Medical Exam
(11-09-2011, 12:17 PM)Ballast Wrote: I had that too, I was told I was "more of a tractor than a racecar" in otherwords couldn't run for shite but could lift weights all day! and for that reason my bastard BMI would always be to high136 and the chances of the army or navy takin me on was very very low! (went for a second and third opinion went the defence forces decided i was too sexy for them haha148 )!

Thats because you sent this in with your CV!!!

I gots skillz like!148148
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(11-09-2011, 01:12 PM)Onrefs Wrote: Thats because you sent this in with your CV!!!

Onrefs you really need to get a hobby 21 I suppose you're going to tell us now that it was not you 21
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I know a lad in PDF who went for the ARW, he is super fit and top class middle distance runner. He didn't pass their test as they said he was too fit, needed to have some weight on and not be so lean.

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(26-01-2010, 04:07 PM)Shakin Wrote: Upon passing your interview and background checks being cleared, your next step is the medical.
This takes place at Garda Headquaters in the phoenix park, Dublin. In my case and in most ive heard, 4 weeks notice is usually given.
The foolowing are some ailments listed on the website which may cause you to fail a medical:
Defective Vision, Varicose veins, Obesity, Albumenuria, Dental Caries, Defective Hearing, Hypertension.

If your first up as i was at 09:00am, arrive at garda hq 10-15 mins in advance and go to the sentry gate, where the gardai there will point you in the right direction. You go to and old building and there is a reception hatch where you give your name and are given a form.
This will ask you the basic details, name, dob and gp's name an number.

Then you meet the nurse and give her a urine sample, followed by a hearing test in a sealed room, where you push a button when you hear bbeps through headphones. This can be difficult so try and control your breathing as it can become loud if you breath to heavy. Also if you often wear headphones its advisable to go without for 4 weeks to imrove your hearing. after that she checks blood-pressure and thats really it with her.

Next up is the doctor. There is usually a group of 4 being tested together, you make your way upstairs to the waiting room across from the doctor,there we waited approxomately 30 mins for the doctor to arrive. The she gives you the order in which she will call you, when the first goes in the next gets changed....

You go into a cutained off cubicle in the room and don the most luxurious bath robes-not. Id say they were there, when fachtna murphy did his medical! The multi-coloured,sandpaper bath robes do the job though.

when its your turn you go in sit down and the doctor, she asks you some questions about your medical past does the following tests. She does a rudementary check of your teeth to see all is in order. Then she will measure your weight and height. Next you lie down on the ouch and for the lads she makes you cough and has a good feel! she will check all your limbs are in working order and check your eyesight.

Then she will either pass or fail you. If you fail on vision it is possible to get a 6 month delay to correct it with laser. anything else and its back to square one. When your finished you change back into clthes and head over to another building on the grounds, admin i think, the directions i got were crap and a 5 minute walk took 15mins, stopping and asking for directions. Head into reception they will send you to the second floor and there you will meet someone and hopefully be given a date for your pct.

That was my experience about a year ago, others may vary and if i have left anything out, do add to it,thanks.
WIth the Urine Test do they test for albumin? I did mine the other day just to make sure and they said my kidneys were fine.