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(05-12-2013, 11:54 PM)Public slave Wrote: Well dewalt..... You'd want to watch what is going to happen there next Friday because there's a surprise in store for reserves and applicants. Fact.

Ah here ya can't do that to us!! Haha!!
It's all good.
It's not stalking until you get caught with your pants down...
whats the surprise 04
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i think everyone is expecting reserves to get a guaranteed minimum, right or wrong thats up to everyone to decide. (wrong in mine) but i reckon they will. As publicsave says, forget the fucking numbers you want something go for it but its gonna be a real tough competition. Got past 90% of the competition a few years ago, its gonna be tougher now, ill give it my all, but gonna be seriously tough.
In fairness good luck to anyone sitting across from an interview board who hasn't since 2007 done something to show their interest...

When you say that publicslave, what exactly do you mean? no driving licence,no reserves,no ecdl....what do you think would be seen as a negative? I passed interview in 2008
i wouldve though slave was referring to the reserve post, not solely, but thatd be part.

to my eyes objectively that you wanted this more than anything you do anything and everything to make sure that you were in the best possible to get it. R/Garda's by and large get a great insight to the nitty gritty and nuances of the job.

be like someone leaving schools before leaving cert going straight into employment and then decideng to do their leaving cert while working in order to get to make the grade.

thats just an example.
old instructor used to say we do the things we dont want to do to get that things we want.
He who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been before  
Well by not doing something since 2007 I mean ... Not signing up to reserve or if you didn't have a bloody good reason why, not doing voluntary work, not improving your skills or education no matter how small...

Im sure some people have been reading posts on certain forums I won't name them with treads dedicated to freaking the shit out of people.....

Where did the ecdl come from? God knows.... If I envisaged any requirement to get rid of a few thousand bodies it's a full driving licence and maybe first aid. The licence defo.

Keep the heads. Friday will tell all. Start getting info together like..

Birth certs
Leaving certs
Family info - names addresses dob etc of immediate and first aunt / uncle family - for vetting.
It's not stalking until you get caught with your pants down...
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(05-12-2013, 08:54 PM)Public slave Wrote: Lads you need to get in the frame of mind here ... Forget the fucking numbers you want something go for it.

Intakes of 50 and there will be a few .... Keep positive, ignore the rumours and get prepared. If you are doing courses research them. Do the right one.

Exactly. Look how many went for dfb with so few been taken on? Not in you cant win.

Take it one stage at a time
Ok so just some more info...

Advertising thurs 12th December (this wk)
You get a link to follow and have to complete an online test within approx 4-7 days
This is an initial on line aptitude test - most likely verbal reasoning and analytical reasoning.
Pass that and get to stage 2 - supervised aptitude test
Pass that and get to interview stage...
It's not stalking until you get caught with your pants down...
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Anyone reccomend a books/websites for sample questions?
The public jobs section tend to have a lot of familiarisation stuff on their site. Abstract reasoning is hard to get a hold of in Ireland
It's not stalking until you get caught with your pants down...

Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has confirmed garda recruitment will recommence for the first time in five years tomorrow.
The first batch of recruits should be in training by next July.
He was speaking at the launch of the Irish Prison Service's new Human Rights training course in Portlaoise, Co Laois.

"This will be the first recruitment since 2009 so it is a very important event and I wait with interest how many applicants we will have," Mr Shatter said.
The minister said he expects at least two batches of recruits to be in the training college in Templemore by 2014, and he estimated an intake of between 250 and 300 new gardaí.
250-300 not to too bad!
(11-12-2013, 07:14 PM)Psychcop Wrote: 250-300 not to too bad!
No, can't complain about that. Probably the last for another five years!
Start of rant....

Some people are gas. They want to join, you tell them what they need to do and what the expected format is and they nearly call you a liar....

I am almost sick of hearing about the competition and I am one and have a business for it. Seriously.... And as for those people who think the competition will remain open for ages...... No words

End of rant

Tomorrow can't come quick enough
It's not stalking until you get caught with your pants down...
(11-12-2013, 10:30 PM)Public slave Wrote: Tomorrow can't come quick enough

You can sing that!!
Deep breaths Slave 19
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If they don't appreciate the advice slave tell em to feck off.
Damn right...

Obviously anyone applying from this site, pm me with any major issues or minor questions I'll do me best to get back to ye
It's not stalking until you get caught with your pants down...
Hope everyones registered on publicjobs by now