So we have upgraded

So here we are, the new and improved Emergency Services Forum with all new features.

So it would seem an ideal time to explain the new features;

  • Well first up as is obvious, we have a blog now. It wont be daily, it wont always follow a clear timeline but if you want to read entries by real serving ES staff, this is it. We wont lie, we wont fluff the job up and we certainly wont be getting involved in spin.
  • Articles and news. Too often we hear “Well I don’t hear about….” or “If it was common we would hear about it” because the particular newspaper the person reads, didn’t write an article.  Newsflash: We deal with a lot more than any one paper can write about. So we will be keeping you in touch with the news and ES articles here.
  • Garda SWAPS. Poor Gardai, we had a SWAPS section but it didn’t work well in a message-board setting, there was Facebook and Twitter but while great, the operators had limited control for obvious reasons and then there was the original which charged for access then promptly closed. Well we have solved those problems. You need to obtain verified access to see the SWAPS section but, its completely free, secure and safe. No Facebook keeping your information, we DELETE EVERYTHING after verifying the user and no credit cards needed.
  • Chat. Just a little idea we had. Interested in talking ES? You can. Want to talk to other ES staff privately, again you can.
  • Gallery. Its small and I guarantee nothing but if you have an image, we are happy to store it for you.
  • Welfare. Im delighted to open this. Its badly needed within the ES sectors and despite what some would have you believe, we have the original man behind the drive; Mark Reddy. Mark has studied, lobbied for and pushed ES welfare for nearly 20 years! He is here and he is ready to help.

This is of course in addition to the message-board which we have kept. Talk with other ES, learn from them and if need be, get support from them.


So here we are. New and improved.