Irish Fire Departments

Firefighter Raymond McCooey

Ray passed away suddenly on the 11th October 2017 at home, despite the heroic efforts of his wife, fellow firefighters,AP's, NAS paramedics and AP's and rapid response doctor. Ray was a native of Co: Monaghan and his deep gravelly voice matched the stony soil of his home county. He served for 7 years with Monaghan County Fire and Rescue service before joining DFB 15 years ago. He is survived by his wife of only 3 months and his 3 brothers.

Retired Firefighter Ciaran Cullen

Retired F/F Ciaran Cullen died on the 26th October 2017. Ciaran was the absolute epitome of a senior man, patient, witty, a great mentor to junior members and sub officers trying to find their feet, and a presence that filled the room.

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