Viva El Presidente!
Well the contest has been formally announced and the clamour for candidacy has begun. The incumbent, Michael D is a given, and 3 dragons, former journalists, a TBC Shinner, an artiste and who knows are the other runners. 

One thing I'm struck by is the amount of potential candidates promising things that are beyond what the role entails. Mind you they aren't alone. Most of the public seem clueless too. 

I was surprised by the media hype over Sean Gallagher yesterday. Moreso today when I read a blow by blow account of how his campaign fell apart the last time. Fair enough the tweet in question on Prime Time was sent from a fake account, however his reply and subsequent interviews to save face ended up with him digging a bigger hole for himself. And what has he done in the intervening years to improve his odds? Very little It seems. I dont think id be convinced by any of the rest either IF they manage to secure a nomination for themselves. 

While Michael D said he was a one term pony when elected previously, I dont think its a massive turn of face. I think he's represented himself, the role and the country well in his 7 years. If hes fit and happy enough to do another term I think he would be best suited out of what we have seen so far. 

Heres the Sean Gallagher article:
We are the willing, led by the unknowning, doing the impossible, for the ungrateful.
Job of Irish President: Don't be an embarassment internationally.

None of the candidates fit the bil so far, apart from the incumbent.
Also, it should be mandatory that the president has large friendly dogs who roam the Aras during all events. Dogs are excellent judges of character. Would keep away many of the international bluffers.

Trump hates dogs.
I’m amazed by the line out and the sense of ego and entitlement of most. They truly bring a level of shame to the country with the rambling bullshit they now feel entitled to say.

A figure head of the state and the majority see it as a business opportunity to push their own agendas, and what agendas they are!! Some too are so full of hate and vitriol that it’s boarding on serious mental health problems.

A broken clock is right twice a day, the problem with some is that if you say enough random stuff you will appeal eventually to somebody.

At this stage there is nobody other than Michael D that is worthy.
"Choose to be great, choose to be powerful beyond measure"
Supporting our Emergency Services FaceBook Page 

So who wants to stop this bus. DVLA says it is neither taxed nor MOTd. Not to mention the IRL tag.
Waiting for the crowd who were ranting about the ex UK police van in dublin earlier this month to be all over this Smile

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