Give an inch, they want a mile

So we find ourselves in An Garda Siochana being told that a new clock in system will be introduced. Personally, I cannot see why.

  • We already have checks and electronic recording of our duties on the Command & Control system
  • We have a payment system that has to be filled in by each person and signed by a Sergeant
  • We have supervisors that attend on their days and nights off to check on us
  • We have GPS tracked radios
  • We have parades that are attended by managers (that dont form part of our working tour as it is)

But the new system isnt whats bugging me, not at all. They insist on making us spend more time behind desks when the public want Gardai on patrol, so be it. I am not paid to make such decisions. What bugs me is two fold. One, that this system requires us to be in work even earlier and leave later. Why? Because we cannot login after or when our shift starts, oh no, we have to login before we start and logout after we finish. This is despite the fact we do 10 hour shifts 6 days in a row, often get stuck on posts without a break and sometimes have to wait to be relieved anyway so an 11 hour stint is not an 11 1/2 stint but yet when we wanted 12 hour shifts we were told no way, cant be done, too long.

Second, the IT system for this. How many computers will be setup AND ACTUALLY WORKING for people to login? Im going to guess 1 per station on average but that allows for maybe 2 in a big station and none in a rural 1 man station. Will they introduce more? No, because the people in line waiting to sign in are doing so for free so sod it.


An Garda Siochana, where management are found incompetant and lacking but its the rank and file that have to deal with new systems and restrictions.