The Emergency Services Forum was born as a result of two users from another well known site becoming disillusioned with the continued use of that site to run down the emergency services and the apparent support of such actions by the sites Administrators and Moderators.

One user, our sites Administrator who is a serving member of An Garda Siochana, decided that the Irish emergency services needed somewhere to be able to talk freely and without being inundated with trolls. Thus ESF was born in 2009. Initially a sub-domain on Yuku for approximately 6 months we later moved to our own domain www.emergencyservicesforum.com on a shared server before later moving to our current home.

Thanks to the support of a handful of past users from the other forum we were able to get started with topics and threads which enticed new users to sign up and we grew to our current compliment of users. Following on from this and the success of our verification system we decided to extend beyond the message board and started to create ESF 2.0. We have since added sections including a blog created and maintained by serving emergency services staff and our Garda swap section which under our control, is completely free. All of this is protected by Site lock security making us the most secure site of our kind.

During all of this we added our second Admin. The original Admin was joined by a fantastic man named Mark who setup the Couch section for those dealing with stress and trauma. Mark remains with us and has continued to represent the site in public. Mark is a qualified psychiatrist and councillor and in addition to performing research and training for the Garda Representative Association has most recently been invited by the Garda inspectorate and policing authority to assist in implementing much needed reforms in the welfare area of An Garda Siochana. All of this has led to Mark being officially recognised at the 2014 person of the year awards held in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.

Were still a small site but so are the Irish emergency services and we can proudly claim to be not only the largest site of this nature but the only one currently offering such security and features.

Dont be fooled by pretenders, the true home of the emergency services can only be found here