Site rules

1. The most important rule for new users. Regardless of your intentions to remain on the site or just browse occasionaly, users should refrain from using their real names. There is plenty of alternatives to choose from.

2. The forum is for the discussion of emergency services in general and is open to all posters, whether they are serving / former members of an emergency service, prospective members or just have an interest. However anyone that falsely claims membership of a service will receive an immediate and full ban.

3. Serving emergency service members are reminded that the forum is public, open to members of the general public, and to your supervisors. It should not be treated as a secure medium and it is therefore your responsibility to ensure that nothing is said or inferred on this forum that may interfere with current operations or bring your service into disrepute. Furthermore do not release any information whatsoever that is not already in the public domain. “In the public domain” means the information has already been widely circulated on TV and/or radio, in the mainstream press, or on public access Internet news sites. Any breaches of the above policy may result in disciplinary action and / or legal proceedings being taken by your service, against you.

4. Unless the name of any individual is already in the public domain, do not specifically identify individuals without the express permission of that individual.

5. Any advice given is on a ‘use at your own peril’ basis and no user, moderator or admin will be held liable.

6. No flaming, trolling or personal abuse. First offence will result in a temporary ban. Subsequent offences may result in longer bans or outright permanent bans. Posts containing offensive material will be edited by the moderators if deemed insulting and / or abusive.

7. Spamming posts will be deleted and the user banned. We DO contact ISP companies and we absolutely contact companies to highlight their freelance promotional staffs questionable ethics.

8. Be forewarned, topics probable will go off topic. It’s the nature of the beast.

9. Use clear language. No need for text speak or full capitals. Also try and keep spelling reasonably correct to avoid confusion. We also cannot stress the importance of smiley faces enough. You cannot tell a persons tone in writing unless its Terry Pratchett but he was a genius.

10. Feel free to upload, post and / or link to images and videos provided they are not sensitive, you have permission and they are in the public domain. Do not post images of videos that are graphic. Admin and mods have full rights to remove any offensive material.

11. No advertising without permission! If you have a service to advertise, contact admin and support services can be arranged.

12. If you have a complaint, do not respond. Report it direct to admin or a moderator. All decisions are final.

13. This is not a complaint forum. There’s plenty of sites for that. If you have a query about how something was handled feel free to ask a question but be ready for and accept the answer. Anyone that posts complaints or insults an emergency service will be deleted and / or subject to ridicule.

14. If you are a serving member of an Emergency service and wish to access ‘The Locker room’ and or ‘The Couch’ you will be required to become ‘Verified’. In order to do this contact admin and provide some personal information (Name, station, unique work number, phone number and occupation). We will then contact your station and ask for you. Be assured we will not tell anyone why were calling and the information will be deleted once verified. If you feel uncomfortable with this then you may get a current verified user to vouch that you are who you say you are. Do not apply for verification until you have a post count of 10 over a period of 2 weeks in the public area. Retaining verification is dependent on remaining active and subject to removal for inactivity.

15. The comments made on this site are made by the individual user and are neither endorsed nor sanctioned by any agency, organisation or the site owners. In the event that you feel a post or comment is libellous, slanderous or illegal please contact the administrator by email with your concern. This does not preclude us from defending our users right to free speech and personal opinions.

16. Without prejudice to rule 15, any threatening comments, emails or letters will be treated as such and will be passed to our legal representatives. It is the sites policy to seek legal recourse where and when possible up-to and including legal action.

17. No user will take information from the site and pass it to third parties either directly or indirectly. This includes links, copy and pasting, printing, emailing or verbally. Any user who breaches this section will be banned, named and shamed plus attached to any legal action that results.

18. The site reserves the right to edit or remove posts, thread or any part thereof it considers appropriate. To limit users access and abilities as far as and including the full banning or removal of said user. The rights of the site to take such action include but are not limited to actions by a user considered harmful to the site or other users or where the site suspects a user has acted in such a manner.

19. Certain words have been censored on this site and new ones, when encountered will be added to the list. The misspelling of any word to deliberately avoid this system will result in warnings and bans.

20. We do have and enforce our copyright and trademark rights for our logo and name. Theres plenty of space on the web, no need to steal.

20. The reading and acceptance of the sites rules is mandatory prior to posting. By continuing to the site you have agreed to abide by these conditions.