Notorious pedophile Christy Griffin leaves prison

  • Griffin (48) left the Midlands Prison in Co Laois this morning
  • He has served a 15-year jail sentence for the rape of his partner’s daughter
  • Sources say that Griffin will still have access to hundreds of thousands of euro
Christy Griffin is driven from the Midlands Prison on Wednesday morning - he is the passenger.3

NOTORIOUS paedophile gangster Christy Griffin has been freed from jail this morning

Griffin (48) left the Midlands Prison in Co Laois for his first taste of freedom since being locked up in 2007, after receiving a 15-year jail sentence for the rape of his partner’s daughter.

At 7.55am this morning a blue and white Suzuki motorbike pulled up at the prison and went to the entrance area.

Six minutes later it came back out and Christy Griffin was on the back.

Wearing a black jacket, light grey tracksuit bottoms and runners, he looked left and right nervously as the bike was turned and ridden in the direction of Dublin.

In the space of a moment he was out of sight, the back of his helmet and a dark bag carried on his shoulders disappearing into the distance

The Midlands Prison (Photo: Kyran O'Brien)33
The Midlands Prison (Photo: Kyran O’Brien)

He will be required to provide gardai with a home address within the next week because he is on the Sex Offenders Register.

It is not yet known exactly where Griffin will go but he is expected to stay in Dublin and may move back to either of his former homes in the Swords and north inner city areas.

There are major fears that the notorious gangster may become embroiled in the deadly Hutch/Kinahan feud, which has so far claimed up to 18 lives.

However, the thug has not yet indicated if he will support one or any side.

“The best thing for everyone would be for Griffin to leave the country, even for just a few months, but this is unlikely to happen,” a senior source told the Herald.

“Things have been tense enough in the north inner city because of the feud but the last thing that anyone needs is this individual back on the streets.

“It is expected to lead to a major escalation of tension and he is likely to be targeted by his many enemies.”

Despite this, gardai have no specific information of a credible threat on his life and he has therefore not been issued with a formal message warning him of an active threat against his life.

Despite making a major settlement with the Criminal Assets Bureau in 2009, sources say that Griffin will still have access to hundreds of thousands of euro thanks to a major property portfolio, including houses abroad, and the fact that he runs a lucrative ‘front shop’ in the north inner city.

In 2011, Griffin had his life sentence for the rape of his partner’s daughter reduced to 15 years in jail by the Court of Criminal Appeal.

This brave woman – who gave crucial evidence in the course of three trials in 2006 and 2007 – had been regularly sexually abused by Griffin from when she was aged eight until she reached the age of 16.

Griffin’s vile actions led to a bitter feud in the north inner city, where once-loyal associates turned against each other and took sides for and against the sex offender, in a horrendous dispute that went on to claim five lives.

As part of the feud which he started, Griffin’s home in Swords was sprayed with gunfire in 2005 and a grenade was thrown at the property in 2006.

One major gangster who is unlikely to get involved in any attacks on Griffin is the Coolock-based drugs trafficker nicknamed ‘Mr Big’.

He is closely linked to two young ‘up-and-coming’ north inner city-based criminals who have very close association with Griffin.

Since being sent to the Midlands Prison after his rape conviction in April 2007, Griffin has been mainly under a special protection regime.

When he was originally sentenced to life in jail, there had already been two tit-for-tat gun murders linked to the bitter feud.

It was in this dangerously toxic atmosphere that Griffin was convicted in relation to the sex offences. Sentencing him, the late Mr Justice Paul Carney – who was himself placed under armed garda protection for the duration of the trial – delivered a scathing judgment.

While bloodshed raged on the streets of the north inner city, much of it perpetrated by Griffin’s mob, he lived a relatively stable life in jail.

In 2011, he was subjected to a savage assault in the recreational area of the Midlands Prison, which was not feud-related.

Last September, he lost his prison privileges after being caught with a contraband mobile phone behind bars.

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