Woman sees €20 sticking out of man’s wallet in garda station – takes it – gets immediately arrested

A WOMAN WAS arrested in the early hours of this morning after stealing money from a man’s wallet in the public office of a garda station.

The incident happened at around 1.30am in Henry Street garda station in Limerick.

The woman, who is known to gardaí, was queuing up to speak to officers in the public office of the station. A man was in front of her in the queue.

The man had placed his wallet on the counter of the hatch and the woman spotted that there was money poking out of it.

She plucked the money from the wallet and attempted to run away. She was almost immediately arrested by officers for the offence.

Sources said the woman was being opportunistic. She is due before the courts next month.

Taken from thejournal.ie


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