London Fire

Best thing that happened this week, was in an attempt to cleanse themselves from the blame they had so far avoided, 2 members of the Conservative party succeeded in becoming enemy number 1 for much of the british public.

(06-11-2019, 02:50 PM)foreign Wrote:  A good read on the incident.

A good read, but one that reflects the very problem that LFB had on the night.
The building was "designed" to contain fire spread, he says.
If it was actually as it was designed then Grenfell would never have happened.....
The LFBs only tactic was the stay and defend policy because it was embedded in their belief that design equates to build, and accepting that it was not built as it was designed would mean, well, it would mean the building could burn, and that was not something that could be admitted.
There were multiple previous incidents across London, where fire was not contained in multi storey buildings of the same vintage and even newer than Grenfell, and in each of those cases the stay and defend policy did not work.
His mantra as a trainer in high rise firefighting, is hard to support.
Fitting alarms in common areas is a bad idea? Huh? How do occupants know the common or escape areas are free from smoke if there is no detection or alarms in those areas?
If fire alarms were fitted an inspector would order there removal???
There were no fire drills because there shouldn't be?? Seriously, this man is a firefighter and an instructor in high rise firefighting and he's saying this makes sense?

There's huge and undoubted blame lying with regulators and politicians, but there's a very simple saying, Get Out, Stay Out, and Get the Fire Brigade Out.
If you don't have alarms to tell you there's a fire, that's a regulatory issue, a fire service telling you to stay put when there's an uncontrolled fire in your building is a fire brigade issue.

The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are filled with doubts while the stupid people are full of confidence...

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