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Its that time of year again, when we are getting ready for Christmas, family and Santa. Sadly not everyone will be looking forward with anticipation, instead simple hoping for food, warmth or a small present. Thankfully there are goups like 'Little Blue Heroes' and 'Barnados' out there. Both help the youngest and most vulnerable in society and this Christmas we ask that you join us in making a donation at or

Good/Bad Uniforms
Some Asian countries have some very unusual and frankly bad uniforms:

[Image: 316219f154f95f895947392.jpg]

[Image: timorhelo.jpg]

[Image: colourfulshirt.jpg?t=1306348366]

I don't know where the camouflage would work except for in a circus maybe.

[Image: indiawhite.jpg?t=1306348408]

Must be a bitch to keep clean.

[Image: indiayellow.jpg?t=1306348428]

Try running after a gouger dressed like that.

[Image: woodentops_band.jpg]

I think the PSNI is very professional and for some reason I think it looks better than AGS even though it along the same lines
[Image: RUC_PSNI.jpg]
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
oh god no, psni is horrible
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(25-05-2011, 06:52 PM)irlsandbag Wrote: They could immediately improve the comfort of every single Garda at no additional cost if they'd just let us take off the tie while wearing the vest.

Once I have the fleece on the tie is off as I have the neck done up to the near the last, I love the heat!!!! Those ties will cause an injury one of these days!!
the only complaint about the orders uniform i have is the cravat
Volunteers Are Unpaid , Not Because They Are Worthless. But Because They  Are Priceless !!!
Yea well its either that or a tie. Ill take the cravat anyday.

Theyll never let us wear an open collar and that is perfectly clear. Joys of people who never wear the uniform operationally making all the decisions

My biggest gripe, nowhere on the new uniform does it say ambulance. Yes the new hivis you can put a reflective badge saying Emergency Medical Technician or whatever.....all well and good till the bage pocket rips (usually about 30secs)
After issuing our a new style of uniform only 18mths ago, itll be five years or more before any changes come in. Guaranteed!
"Private Number Calling" - As if im going to answer that!!!
At the risk of being in the minority I have to say I like the tie. I think it looks professional and seeing people not wearing it on nights etc I have to say, I think it looks really really sloppy.

Hey, could be worse anyway. You could have a purple tie like the New York state police:

[Image: Purpletie.jpg?t=1306412158]

Or even bow ties like the Washington state police or New Mexico state police:

[Image: bowtiewsp.jpg?t=1306412196]

[Image: nmspbowtie.jpg?t=1306412219]
Some of the state police uniforms in US havent changed since the 20's.
I'm a big fan of the Swedish type of police uniform, looks comfy and practical.
yeah i know smurce its a problem alright ha the bloody things break so easy and its not like they are cheap
Volunteers Are Unpaid , Not Because They Are Worthless. But Because They  Are Priceless !!!
Ok, the bow tie is taking the piss to a whole new level!
"Private Number Calling" - As if im going to answer that!!!
yeah i know ha
Volunteers Are Unpaid , Not Because They Are Worthless. But Because They  Are Priceless !!!
Our lot are in the process of following suit and moving to the new national uniform of black polo shirts and combats (combats have been optional for us for some time, provided they are smart). The white shirt and tie are going except for staff on front office/ceremonial roles, a welcome change. The black shirts are supposedly harder wearing and will save the force money. Firearms have been wearing em for a while and they do look the business and are a lot more practical operationally.

[Image: _44293950_newuniforms_300.jpg]

[Image: ?type=display]
^ want very much!!
Whatever your reaching for better be a sandwich....coz your gonna eat it......
(26-05-2011, 07:50 PM)Faheywitane Wrote: ^ want very much!!

The banner or the uniform? - Home of the real emergency service personnel.
(26-05-2011, 07:53 PM)foreign Wrote: The banner or the uniform?

Damn it ye got there before me!
The funny part about the new uniform is that the experience of those wearing it is that when a couple of cars of black clad coppers turn up to a job, some of our mouthier customers tend to wind their necks in. Officers in this kit look like they mean business, especially when a couple of em have a taser on display......which probably explains why some groups have claimed the black uniform looks 'oppressive' and 'paramilitary'. I don't see it being any different from US or Canadian uniforms in this regard and fail to see how a uniform can be oppressive or aggressive.

I personally think its the way forward; comfortable, smart, and gets the attention of our customer base.......shame I no longer wear a uniform, this one I could live with 17
foreign Wrote:The banner or the uniform?

Shmeh.... I'd take both if they were on offer ;-)
Whatever your reaching for better be a sandwich....coz your gonna eat it......
(26-05-2011, 08:15 PM)Faheywitane Wrote: Shmeh.... I'd take both if they were on offer ;-)

I can't do much about your uniform, but I can get you the plonks number 70