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Good/Bad Uniforms
Mexican Special Forces

[Image: Mexican%20Special%20forces%201.jpg]

[Image: Mexican%20Special%20forces%204.jpg]

[Image: Mexican-Special-Forces%203.jpg]

[Image: Mexican-Special-Forces%202.jpg]
North Korea - Worst camouflage ever

[Image: North-Korean-Army-%20camo.jpg]

Iranian Special Forces - Known for their snow environment

[Image: iranian%20special%20forces%20white.jpg]

US camouflage

[Image: US%20Camo%20couch.jpg]
Danish Frogman Corps

[Image: Danish%20Frogman%20Corps%201.jpg]

[Image: Danish%20Frogman%20Corps%202.jpg]

The netting is there to break up the head and shoulders silhouette.

Taiwanese Army

[Image: taiwanese_army_%201.jpg]

[Image: taiwanese_army_%202.jpg]

[Image: taiwanese_army_%203.jpg]
French Special Forces

[Image: Frenc%20Special%20Forces%201.jpg]

[Image: Frenc%20Special%20Forces%202.jpg]
Spanish Army

You'd want to be fairly comfortable with your sexuality to join this crowd.

[Image: Spanish%20army%201.jpg]

[Image: Spanish%20army%202.jpg]

[Image: Spanish%20army%203.jpg]

[Image: Spanish%20army%204%20bruno.jpg]
Canadian Police

For the past several years public service workers (including police and firefighters) in Canada have been bitterly protesting pension reforms. Like us, police over there can't legally strike but as part of their range of creative protests they have been wearing red caps and........ outrageous pants:

[Image: Canadian%20protest%201.jpg]

[Image: Canadian%20protest%204.jpg]

[Image: Canadian%20protest%203.jpg]

[Image: Canadian%20protest%205.jpg]

These guys win:

[Image: Canadian%20protest%206.png]
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[Image: 9fb6ef5f9c1cab9c982895c423c8721f.jpg]
This post has been repped by: jmcd432 (3),

(13-07-2015, 12:28 AM)Jeffrey112 Wrote:

@Jeffrey112 your picture links did not work. Can you try again? - Home of the real emergency service personnel.
Jeffrey, you can't link to images on your pc
Often the sheep do not like the sheepdog,  until the wolf comes.  Then the sheep try to hide behind the sheepdog, begging for his protection.

From The National rememberance ceremonies over the weekend
We trained hard ... but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganized. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganizing; and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization.
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To comment on the uniform...... why did they stop putting that shiny plastic on the peak section of our own caps?

It's the most touched part and the fabric gets ingrained with dirt.

Here's a proper police hat

[Image: chateauguay-police-sheriff-costume-uniform.JPG]

It's actually another protest piece worn by our friends in Canada.

I'll just leave this here

Thank you The Chive
Sorry but HOW many copies of this do you want????