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Article In Irish Times
Orginally by: Bravo Alpha

Subject: Letter sent in response to Irish Times article.

A horribly abusive article was published in Wednesdays Irish Times. Many of the members have seen it and were disgusted by it. The article is on the Discussion board of our group along with reaction from all professions. This letter following was sent by a colleague of mine to the editor of the Times. I leave you make up your own minds
Cathal RocheJust wrote a letter to the editor in the Times... What's the bets it's not published... See below:

A chara.

Having read an article in your excellent paper last week, written by Newton Emerson titled "Wishy washy frontline services agitate and organise", I felt very much compelled to respond to his scandalously sarcastic, and offensive piece. I of course must state from the outset, that I am a firefighter of 13 years service in Dublin fire brigade, so my views, while they may appear biased, are nothing but my experiences, which are many, varied, and often horrific. However, despite all the years of hate, aggression, tragedy, needless violence and damned hard work, I have never been compelled to draft a letter to the Irish Times before.... Read More
Mr. Emerson's article not only is purely based on cynicism and sarcasm, but his complete lack of knowledge of our country's emergency services and newly termed 'frontline services' leave a tangible bitter taste in my mouth. I would like to cordially invite Mr. Emerson to travel with the crews of Finglas, Tallaght, Tara street, or any of the other over-worked crews of the city's fire, ambulance and rescue service, and see if he deems that our services are, as he terms it "just sitting around, hoping the phone does not ring". I fear the culture shock that he would be deep set into, might leave his sarcastic mind, at a loss for words. He also states that fires do eventually burn out. Lets certainly hope that Mr. Emerson does never truly need our professional, and dedicated staff to extinguish flames and/or rescue members of his family, as we do on a daily and hourly basis. If he waits for the fire to go out (as he again sarcastically put it) before ringing 999, he may see the light, in more ways than one.
His embarrassing swipe at all our emergency services, is spoken with such little regard of the fine people who carry out these often dangerous and hazardous duties, was topped off by his slight on nurses who "sit around reading heat magazine and eating celebrations!" That sir, was just a few words away from being a very libelous statement indeed. I can only speak for my own proud profession, when I say this. Mr. Emerson sir, you appear to have allowed your ability to pen with the lowest form of wit, cloud your judgement. Alas, your ignorance, has shone above any other writing talents, that you may, or indeed, may not, possess.

Yours in disgust,
F/F Cathal Roche.

Did anyone see the article hes on about?
"I'm not fluent in the language of violence, but I know enough to get by in places where its spoken"

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