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Assaults on Emergency Services
A JUDGE has refused to dismiss assault charges against a man accused of headbutting a garda sergeant and leaving him concussed at the scene of an "out-of-control" domestic row.

The defence in the case against Paul Rooney Jnr had claimed that garda evidence was so "riddled" with contradictions and inconsistencies that it was "unreliable".

His lawyer argued he had no case to answer on charges of assaulting the sergeant, who has a heart condition, as well as a second officer during the melee in north inner city Dublin.

The defence had also asked Judge Catherine Murphy to dismiss related public order charges against the accused's father, Paul Rooney Snr, and a third man, Barry Ronan, who are both alleged to have intervened in his arrest.

But Judge Murphy has ruled that all but one of the charges against the three men would proceed and the accused will have to give evidence.

Rooney Jnr (28), of Bargy Road, East Wall, is pleading not guilty to assaulting Sgt Karl Mackle and Garda Shane Redmond, as well as public intoxication and causing a breach of the peace. His father, Paul Rooney Snr (53), of the same address, is denying obstruction, while Barry Ronan (26), of Seaview Avenue, Church Road, East Wall, is pleading not guilty to breach of the peace and failing to obey garda directions. The case was adjourned.


Judge Murphy acknowledged that there were inconsistencies in the prosecution evidence. However, she said these were not sufficient to warrant a dismissal of the remaining charges.

Gardai were originally called to the scene at the junction of Caledon Road and East Road at 3.20am on June 26, 2010, following a report that criminal damage had been caused to Rooney Jnr's partner's home.

The court heard previously that officers had gone to a reported domestic violence incident but the situation escalated with Rooney as the alleged "main aggressor" and "all hell broke loose".

The prosecution alleged that Rooney Jnr became verbally abusive, then resisted arrest and struck and held on to Garda Redmond by his stab vest before headbutting and punching Sgt Mackle in the face.

Garda Kieran O'Rourke alleged that Rooney Snr was initially trying to calm his son down, but began to make things worse and allegedly swung punches.

He said the incident involving Rooney Jnr developed into what resembled a "rugby scrum".
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
An ex-soldier who joined a violent attack on a man in a shopping centre and then headbutted a garda has been locked up for two weeks.

Derek McLoughlin (47) of Ardgillan Lawns in Balbriggan, Dublin, was one of six people who set upon Michael McDonagh at Ballymun Tower Centre on July 16, 2010.

Garda Ronan McMorrow told Shane Costelloe, prosecuting, that eye witnesses saw the men striking Mr McDonagh around the body before knocking him to the ground. They then continued to punch, kick and stamp on him.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that during his arrest and fingerprinting, McLoughlin became violent and aggressive. Garda McMorrow said McLoughlin then grabbed Detective Garda Adrian Mulligan by the throat and headbutted him.

McLoughlin pleaded guilty to violent disorder at Ballymun Tower Centre, and assaulting Det Garda Mulligan at Ballymun Garda Station.

Judge Martin Nolan remanded McLoughlin in custody for two weeks, saying: "I hope this short lesson will be a salutary one."
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
I was reading a story on a different site, a simple fight in a fast food spot, look at what the guy was charged with.....brilliant. Needless to say it was America....

Three homeless men helped a Broward Sheriff's officer subdue a suspect in a Pompano Beach McDonald's after a violent scuffle.

Patrick Davis, 27, tried to steal another man's backpack on Saturday around 8 a.m., police say. When Deputy Kevin Meyer arrived, Davis was trying to exit the restaurant with a metal rod in his hand.

But when Meyer attempted to handcuff Davis, Davis lifted the deputy on his shoulder and flipped him on his back with what Meyer described as "super strength," according to BSO officials.

The deputy’s glasses were knocked off, his radio microphone came off, and his handcuffs fell on the floor. Peter Finch, Jose Ramos, and Carmello Maldonade, three homeless men who were inside the McDonald's, came to Meyer's aid.

Finch grabbed Davis' feet and Ramos helped hold him down while Meyer was able to cuff and secure Davis. But Davis still wasn't done resisting: once inside the police car, he kicked out the window and tried to escape.

Davis is charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, obstruction with violence, criminal mischief, depriving an officer of means of communication, attempted escape, and robbery with a weapon because of the metal rod he was carrying. He is being held without bond in Broward County Jail on the charges above and two outstanding cocaine offenses.

Authorities said Meyer sustained bruised ribs and other minor injuries.
It's not the HSE's opinion, it's not managements opinion, it's mine. All mine.
A YOUNG student who headbutted a female garda as he was being placed in a patrol car was drunk on poitin, a court heard.

James Costello (22) was so disorientated on the traditional Irish drink that he didn't make any sense when gardai spoke to him. He was also unable to tell them who he was or where he lived.

A court heard Costello was from a good family and had never been in trouble before. He had no recollection of assaulting the garda.

Costello, with an address at Main Street, Nenagh, Co Tipperary, admitted before Dun Laoghaire District Court to seriously assaulting Garda Leanne Curry.

The incident took place at Callaghans Lane, George's Place, Dun Laoghaire on February 7 last year. Judge Hugh O'Donnell ordered Costello to donate €600 to the DSPCA and applied the Probation Act.

Garda Sergeant Peadar McCann said gardai received a call around 4.15am about intruders at a vacant business premises.


Sgt McCann said gardai came across a number of people, including Costello, who were drinking in the abandoned building. A scuffle broke out and Costello was arrested.

The court had heard the defendant headbutted Garda Curry while he was sitting in the back of a patrol car.

The sergeant said Garda Curry suffered abrasions to her lip and an injury to her back following the assault.

She has since recovered. Defence solicitor Ronnie Lynam said the assault was totally out of character for Costello.

Mr Lynam said the defendant had been drinking and watching the Superbowl with friends, and they ended up in a vacant building.

He said the defendant had consumed poitin and was in a "senseless condition".

Mr Lynam said Costello was incapable of giving even basic details to gardai.

The court heard Costello had apologised to Garda Curry, and was very embarrassed about his behaviour. Mr Lynam said the defendant recently worked as a volunteer in Ghana.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
A REVELLER attacked a female garda when she tried to intervene in a row outside a pub and bit her on the arm, a court heard.

Tara Leddy (20) broke the garda's skin with her teeth and the garda had to go to hospital for a tetanus injection.

A court heard Leddy was drunk and had taken a "cocktail of drinks".

Leddy, of Wellview Avenue in Mulhuddart, had admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to seriously assaulting Garda Rachel Kiernan.

She also admitted to public drunkenness and threatening and abusive behaviour in the incident outside The Bell Pub, Main Street, in Blanchardstown.


Judge Anthony Halpin ordered Leddy to enter into a probation bond for six months.

Garda Sergeant Sean O'Herlihy had said gardai were called to an incident outside the pub shortly before 1am on May 2 last year.

Sgt O'Herlihy said Garda Kiernan was trying to arrest Leddy for public order matters when she bit her on the left forearm.

The sergeant said Garda Kiernan was taken to hospital for a tetanus injection, and her blood was also tested.

He said Leddy, who has never been in trouble before, also volunteered to be tested.

Defence solicitor Valerie Buckley said Leddy has been abusing alcohol since her mid-teens. The defendant's mother died six weeks ago and she and her siblings had been kicked out of the family home.

A MOTORIST injured two gardai when he rammed their patrol car after he was asked to move out of a bus lane he was blocking.

Trevor Coleman (43) crashed into the squad car, knocking down the officer who had got out to ask him to move.

Both that garda and his female colleague, who was behind the wheel, suffered back injuries, a court heard.

The case against him was adjourned for a psychiatric report and medical reports on the victims' injuries.

Coleman, of Bushy Park House, Templeogue, appeared in Dublin District Court charged with dangerous driving and assault on the gardai at Sundrive Road on May 14, 2010.

Garda Sgt Paul Keane told the court that gardai Thomas Burke and Mairead McKinney were on duty at 11.35am and were in an official patrol car parked on the footpath and waiting to exit.

Coleman's car was parked in a bus lane to their right and was blocking traffic. Garda Burke got out of the patrol car and approached Coleman to wave him on.


Coleman then accelerated his car and drove it on to the footpath, colliding with the front driver's side of the patrol car. Garda McKinney was in the car and it was pushed forward four to five feet, hitting Garda Burke and knocking him down.

The court heard both gardai suffered back injuries but were able to come back to work several days later.

Coleman was arrested and taken to Tallaght Hospital for psychiatric treatment. He was later summonsed for the offences. He had no previous convictions and had no other charges pending against him.

Coleman had never intended contesting the facts of the case and this was indicated to the prosecution at an early stage, his barrister said. Sgt Keane said Coleman had made admissions while in hospital.

The court heard he had also written a letter in which he explained the circumstances of the offence and expressed his remorse.

He had been re-admitted to hospital since and continued to receive psychiatric treatment after he was discharged.

Judge Catherine Murphy said she would not record convictions yet and adjourned the case until April.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
A GARDA HAD to be treated in hospital after being attacked and slashed with a sharp object aboard a repatriation flight to Nigeria, has learned.

The garda, a father of three, was escorting the prisoner to the bathroom on board the aircraft when the assault happened.

He required 13 stitches after being slashed along the cheek and throat, as well as on his back.

Concerns have been raised about the level of security on board the flight at the time, with the Garda Representative Association accusing management of “reckless endangerment” of an officer. also understands that when the flight landed at Lagos, the assailant disembarked and was not detained further.

The attack took place on Thursday 8 March, on board a flight which had originated in Austria before picking up detainees for repatriation in Dublin and Madrid. Repatriation flights are sometimes shared between EU countries due to the cost.

Roughly an hour after the aircraft departed Madrid for Lagos in Nigeria, the officer was escorting the prisoner to the bathroom when he was attacked and slashed across the face. The officer tried to get away as others attempted to restrain the detainee, but he was slashed again on his back.

It’s believed the prisoner had managed to smuggle a sharp object onto the plane.

The prisoner was then restrained on board and the injured guard treated by a doctor as the flight continued to Lagos, where the detainees were released.

A spokesperson for the Garda Representative Association told that not enough gardaí had been deployed on board the flight. He said:

We feel that the security wasn’t sufficient. There weren’t enough guards on there.
This was reckless endangerment.

The spokesperson continued: “Immigration is an important issue, and the correct amount of staff must be allocated to fulfil the role so that nobody’s safety is compromised.”

It is considered too dangerous for EU personnel to disembark in Lagos without security so the garda could not receive further treatment there. Instead the flight returned to Madrid where he was treated approximately 10 hours after the incident.

The officer is still recuperating and has not yet returned to active duty.

In a statement, a spokesperson for An Garda Síochána said:

We can confirm that a member of An Garda Síochána was injured while on a deportation flight from Madrid, Spain to Lagos in Nigeria on the 8th March 2012. The Garda was treated for his injuries in a hospital in Madrid. This matter is currently under investigation by the Garda National Immigration Bureau.
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Right....I cant bring a bottle of coke or anything sharper than my boarding pass onto a plane....this person got something capable of injuring the officer on board....this happened how exactly??
Awful attack my god hear a thing on 4fm today
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(16-03-2012, 04:09 PM)theSmurse Wrote: Right....I cant bring a bottle of coke or anything sharper than my boarding pass onto a plane....this person got something capable of injuring the officer on board....this happened how exactly??

I wonder the fact he was in Garda custody did he/she avoid the standard airport searches. I'd imagine so.
"Private Number Calling" - As if im going to answer that!!!
Monday March 26 2012
A DRUNKEN dad stuffed his six-month old baby son under his jacket and fled from gardai over garden walls after refusing to return the boy to the child's mother, it is alleged.

THE accused nearly dropped the baby several times as he attacked a garda with a tricycle and tried to bite officers during the stand-off in north Dublin, a court was told.

It is alleged that he challenged the gardai to "come and take me to the ground with the baby".

The defendant, who is in his early 20s, appeared in Blanchardstown District Court on charges of child neglect, assaulting a garda and public order breaches. He has not entered a plea in the case yet and had it adjourned to a date next month.

The young man is charged with ill-treating his child in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering, under the Children's Act.

He is also charged with using a tricycle as a weapon, assaulting Garda David Fahy, public intoxication and breach of the peace.

Giving an outline of the prosecution's case, Sgt Mary Doherty told the court the incident happened on a date in September last year.

Gardai were called to a reported domestic incident and allegedly saw the accused running toward them with the baby zipped into his hooded jacket.

He shouted abuse at the patrol car, telling gardai to f**k off, while making gestures with his hands and waving them in an aggressive manner, it was alleged.


The prosecution would maintain the baby slipped from the jacket and the accused moved to catch him so he wouldn't fall.

The accused ran and the gardai chased him because they were in fear for the child's safety. The accused continually told them to "f**k off" and kept saying he would not give the baby back, the court was told.

Gardai believed the accused may have been under the influence of an intoxicant and the baby was crying throughout, while the mother asked the accused to give the child back.

The defendant tried to hit out at the gardai with both hands and the baby again began to fall, it was alleged. The garda went to catch the baby but the accused again managed to catch the child.

He then ran off again, roaring: "Come and take me to the ground with the baby -- come on, fight me."

He allegedly charged at gardai and attempted to bite them, was again asked to return the baby but refused to calm down.

When gardai tried to stop him leaving, it was alleged he picked up a tricycle and threw it at Garda Fahy, hitting him with it. The defendant nearly fell over in the process.

He then started jumping over garden walls, nearly dropping the baby.

He was not holding the child with his hands at any stage, Sgt Doherty alleged. Eventually, Garda Fahy managed to get the child to safety and the defendant was arrested.

Judge Anthony Halpin said he was accepting jurisdiction to deal with the case at District Court level, but added that it was at the "upper end".

Judge Halpin remanded the defendant on continuing bail to appear in court again on May 3.
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[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
A FATHER-of six who spat at and hit out at gardai after he was taken to a garda station has claimed he was pepper-sprayed twice and it had an "extraordinary" affect on him.

Henry Freeman (43) was sprayed twice as gardai believed the first spray did not affect him -- but he claimed this was untrue, and it left him very distressed.

Freeman, of Hampton Wood Road in Finglas, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to assaulting Garda Sergeant Trevor Curley and Garda Joseph Green on August 27, 2011.

He also admitted threatening and abusive behaviour, failing to follow the directions of a garda and wilfully obstructing Garda David Maher at Mayeston Square, in Finglas.

Judge Anthony Halpin ordered Freeman to complete 180 hours' community service in lieu of three months in prison.

Garda Sergeant Maria Callaghan said gardai were called to Mayeston Square following reports a man had been assaulted.

When they got there they found Freeman with his son, who had just had an asthma attack.


Sgt Callaghan said gardai tried to help Freeman's son but the defendant became abusive. He was told to leave the area but he returned, jumped over a high fence and he ran at gardai with his fists clenched.

The sergeant said gardai were forced to pepper spray Freeman, and they sprayed him a second time when the first spray did not stop his aggressive behaviour. Sgt Callaghan said Freeman was taken to Finglas Garda Station where he continued to abuse gardai, and racially abused Garda David Maher, calling him "blackie".

The court heard that Freeman spat out at Sgt Curley and Garda Green and also struck out at them.

Defence solicitor Fiona Brennan said Freeman was helping his son who had a serious asthma attack and he believed he, and not the gardai, was the best person to help him.

Ms Brennan also said Freeman did not mean anything by calling Garda Maher "blackie", as the garda had dark hair and it was simply to distinguish him from the other gardai.

She said he was spitting out while in the garda station but this was not directed at gardai. It was due to the pepper spray, as this had an "extraordinary affect" on him.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
Lord God they will make up any excuse. The simply truth is this man is an abusive drunk and assaulted Gardai showing his animalistic side by spitting at them, the lowest form of scum by the sounds of it.
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Maybe I should expand this thread to include assaults on es personnel
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

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Do lad
Those who can, do.

Those who can't do, teach.

Those who can't do or teach....... Manage!
Ok changed the thread title so if ya come across an article where any member of the emergency services is assaulted please post it here.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
Two paramedics attacked in less than week

28 March 2012 Last updated at 11:44 GMT
The ambulance service is concerned about the number of attacks on its staff
An ambulance crew member has been assaulted as she tried to treat a man in Downpatrick.

The woman was verbally abused and pushed aside by a patient who had called for help on Tuesday night, before refusing treatment.

On Saturday, a paramedic was attacked by a patient in Dunmurry.

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service has expressed concern at the two attacks on its staff.

The paramedic who was assaulted in the Poleglass estate at the weekend received treatment for a head wound at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

The ambulance crew were treating a man who, along with another man, became verbally aggressive and refused further treatment.

The patient then struck the paramedic, knocking his glasses off and stunning him.

The patient was eventually taken to hospital by the PSNI and the paramedic by a second ambulance.

A spokesperson for the ambulance service said: "There is no excuse for such behaviour and that, where possible, those responsible for such assaults should face the full rigour of the law as a result of their actions to deter them and others from such actions."

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
Quote:A spokesperson for the ambulance service said: "There is no excuse for such behaviour and that, where possible, those responsible for such assaults should face the full rigour of the law as a result of their actions to deter them and others from such actions."

Should. But won't.
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Man threw cup of water over garda

A MAN who threw a cup of water over a Garda and later swallowed a SIM card at the station has been given the chance to do community service instead of a prison sentence.

Darren Shevlin, Crossbeigh, Knockbridge, admitted public order offences which arose out of an incident at Park Street on February 28.

Judge William Hamill was told how Gardaafaí were dealing with a separate incident outside Abrakebabra takeaway when Shevlin threw a cup of water over a female officer and member of the public nearby.

When Gardaí moved to speak to Shevlin, he became aggressive and abusive towards them and was arrested.

At the garda station, Shevlin swallowed a SIM card.

The court heard Shevlin had a previous conviction for assault, but he had apologised to Gardaí after February's incident and it had been accepted.

A probation officer said Shevlin was suitable for community service and Judge Hamill imposed 75 hours instead of a two month sentence.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
Teen thug pushed garda and called her a 'tramp'

A YOUNG man who assaulted a female garda after calling her a "tramp and slut" on a city centre street has been jailed for six months.

Aaron McCarthy (19) pushed his chest against the garda "at least 15 times" as he tried to resist arrest, while encouraging a group of his friends to "hurt her", a court heard.

He himself declined to "punch the garda's head in" on another man's suggestion because she knew where he lived. Dublin District Court heard the officer had been in fear for her safety during the incident.

McCarthy, of Crinian Strand, Dublin 1, had admitted a charge of obstructing Garda Maria Harmon but denied a further count of common assault on her.

The court was told he had been in a serious car crash that had left him in a coma for six weeks and had suffered a brain injury.

The court heard there was an "element of self-defeating immaturity and machismo" in the way he fought the case.

Judge Grainne Malone found him guilty and sentenced him.

Garda Harmon told the court she was finishing her shift at 6pm on May 28, 2011, when she was called to the junction of North Earl Street and Marlborough Street. A group of men were obstructing the entrance to the Spar shop.


The accused was there and shouted "f*** off", and that she was a "slut and a tramp".

She told him to leave the area and he began to walk away, but she heard him shout the same abuse as he did so. Garda Harmon approached him and took his hands to handcuff and arrest him.

He violently moved his hands from side to side. She told him she was arresting him for a public order offence and he struggled for around two minutes.

"He pushed me in excess of 15 times, using his torso against mine," she said. "He was shouting, telling me to f*** off."

The court heard another man came over and told the accused to "punch her head in".

"He responded that he wouldn't because I knew him and I knew where he lived," she said. "A group of men were surrounding me and he was encouraging them to hurt me, saying 'you kick her, you punch her'. I was in fear, I thought I was going to be seriously hurt."

McCarthy claimed he walked away and the garda called him back for a drugs search.

He denied shouting any abusive language, but said he did resist when he was pushed against the shop.

Female garda: He charged at me like a bull

A FATHER and son have been accused of beating a man on his doorstep when he went to investigate damage to his property by New Year revellers.

Paul (18) and Robert Ogelsby (52) are accused of being among a group who allegedly kicked and punched the man, as well as forcing their way into his hallway in Dublin city centre.

The alleged victim's wife, children and friends were in his apartment having a New Year's get-together at the time.

Gardai have also alleged that Paul Ogelsby charged "like a bull" at a female officer, knocking her back while they were investigating the ensuing fight.

The two defendants have had their trial adjourned after the opening of the prosecution's case at Dublin District Court.

The father and son, both of Upper Gloucester Place, Dublin 1, are accused of assaulting Kaushik Neerso. They are also charged with public drunkenness, breach of the peace and trespass in the incident on Parnell Street, Dublin 1 in the early hours of January 1 this year. They deny all the charges.


Garda Thomas Powell told the court officers were called to the scene at 2.30am and were told that a fight had taken place.

Paul Ogelsby's face was covered in blood and when asked what had happened he replied: "f*** off and mind your own business", the garda alleged.

He said it was clear that both defendants had been drinking. He alleged that Paul Ogelsby was extremely aggressive and verbally abusive to gardai and members of the public. He said the younger man threatened him, saying: "I'll see you again, I'll get you". He was arrested along with his father.

Mr Neerso said in evidence that he was having a New Year get-together in his apartment when someone broke his door. When he went to look, he alleged, a man who was standing outside said: "Just go back to your country". He said a fight then started and three men punched and kicked him while "trying to get into his house".

Garda Laura Walsh said when she got to the scene she saw Paul Ogelsby running from a colleague.

"I went to stop him and he charged at me like a bull, knocking me back", she alleged. "I received a cut to my lip".
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
As regards the first case in the last article, where were all the "concerned members of the public"? All the ones who ring 999 everytime they see a drunk asleep and assume its a dead body?

Where they fuck were they while this officer was being pushed around for "15 minutes".....??

A lot of people would pass by in 15 minutes I'm sure. That kind of shite sickens me. 70
It's not the HSE's opinion, it's not managements opinion, it's mine. All mine.