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Assaults on Emergency Services - Part 2
Man kills 2 police officers, rescue vehicle driver in Austrian shooting

Published September 17, 2013
Associated Press

VIENNA – Police say a man shot and killed two police officers and the driver of an emergency rescue vehicle in central Austria before barricading himself inside a farm building.

The dpa news agency reported Tuesday that a police SWAT team was on the scene after the overnight attack in Annaberg, about 115 kilometers (70 miles) southwest of Vienna.

Police say they don't yet know the name of the shooter nor what prompted the attack. It's also not known whether he is holding any hostages.

Further details were not immediately available.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
17 September 2013
A FEMALE garda has been injured after she was hit on the forehead with a beer keg.

The 30-year-old garda, who is based at Tullamore station, was called out to deal with a public order incident in Tullamore shortly after midnight on Sunday.

As she arrived at William Street, a man picked up the keg from outside a nearby pub and threw it at the garda.

She was struck "head on" and knocked to the ground.

The garda, who is from north Tipperary and has around 10 years' service in the garda force, was rushed to Portlaoise Hospital with face and neck injuries.

She has since been discharged from hospital, but colleagues said she would remain under medical treament for some time.

Irish Independent

Teen who bit garda during melee in Temple Bar could be let off

17 September 2013

Gardai had to use an incapacitant spray on the first-time offender who had pleaded guilty at the Dublin Children's Court to assault causing harm to Garda Niall McLoughlin at Crown Alley..

Garda Sergeant John Dunne had told the court that he and Gda McLoughlin had responded to a public order incident in the Temple Bar area. The teenager was seen “pushing and shoving” and became “irate” with Gda McLoughlin who then went to arrest him under the Public Order Act.

A scuffle ensued during which the boy “bit Gda McLoughlin on the thigh”. An incapacitant spray had to be used to restrain the youth who was then arrested and taken to Pearse Street Garda station.

The officer's skin was not broken from the bite but he sustained bruising to his leg, the court heard.

Defence solicitor Gareth Noble had said the teen claims he had been trying to help a relative who had been “hopped on” in Temple Bar by five people.

He asked the court to note that the boy had no prior criminal convictions and his actions were “in the heat of the moment”, and out of character. Pleading for leniency, he also added that the boy, who is on bail, did not have any drink or drug problem, is in a sports club and is trying to better himself by getting onto a training course.

Yesterday (TUE) Judge John O'Connor noted that the Probation Service had found that the boy was suitable for inclusion in a crime diversion programme, for the next six months.

The teenager, who has already written a letter of apology, will have to take part in an action plan of restorative justice activities which, if completed satisfactorily, would leave him spared a criminal conviction as well as a sentence.

The boy, who was accompanied to his hearing by his mother, was remanded on continuing bail to appear again in March when the court will learn about his participation in the crime diversion plan.

He could face a detention sentence if he does not abide by the terms of the plan which will be supervised by his probation officer.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
Taxi driver uses fatal shooting reference to abuse local garda

Galway Advertiser, September 26, 2013.

A district court judge has described as “outrageous” the words used by an irate taxi driver who after being told to move on from an illegal parking space shouted at a garda that it was a pity more officers were not shot in an incident, only three days earlier, when a Garda sergeant was murdered in Dundalk.

Judge Mary Fahy made the comment in the case of Michael Rabbitte (45) with an address at 10 Westbury, Mayfield, Claremorris, who had initially pleaded guilty to threatening and abusive behaviour on January 28, 2013, when he appeared at Galway District Court on Monday. However, following Garda Shane Lambe’s evidence Rabbitte admitted using offensive words but strenously denied having made that particular comment.

Giving evidence Garda Lambe said that at 2.35am he had been moving on taxis which had been parked illegally in the Cross Street area. When Rabbitte was told to move on he became irate and starting cursing at Garda Lambe, asking where the gardai were a few minutes beforehand when there was a drunk male on the street.

Rabbitte eventually began moving off in the direction of Bridge Street but as he was doing so his window was down and Garda Lambe heard him shouting back “it is a pity a lot more of you weren’t shot the other night”. Garda Lambe explained that this was in reference to an incident in Dundalk only three days earlier when Sgt Adrian Donohoe was shot dead during a robbery.

Rabbitte gave evidence that he had been waiting for a fare outside the Front Door pub, that he had been working 12 hours but had only earned €70, and admitted he did get annoyed when Garda Lambe said he would get a ticket.

“I didn’t know about the garda being shot. I swore at him as I pulled out. He said he would get the taxi regulator. I said I didn’t care if I was taken out and shot. I made some reference like that,” he said.

While being questioned by Inspector Ernie Whyte, Rabbitte continued to deny that he made this comment. He further explained that he had only been back in the country two days after being in England for a family bereavement.

“The whole country was shocked at what happened to the guard who was shot in cold blood while on duty. I hear every day about taxi drivers being irate but this is the first time I have heard anything like this.

“Driving a taxi, whether the fares are going good or bad, you can’t abuse someone for doing their job. The words you said were so outrageous, so unwarranted, and totally unacceptable,” said Judge Fahy, before convicting Rabbitte and imposing a three month jail sentence which was suspended for 12 months on condition that he enter into his own bond of €1,200 to be of good behaviour. He was also fined €300 with three months to pay.

Judge Fahy noted that she had been “very tempted” to impose a disqualification from driving for six months since “he eventually didn’t plead guilty”. However, after consideration she rescinded the disqualification so that the defendant’s livelihood would not be adversely affected. Leave to appeal was granted.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
Drunken barber grabbed garda round neck in Father's Day rage

Eimear Cotter – 26 September 2013 02:30 PM

Peter Murphy (35) had pepper spray used on him by gardai as he repeatedly and drunkenly lashed out at officers.

Judge Patrick Clyne applied the probation act after Murphy gave €1,000 compensation to the gardai.

Murphy, of Seacliff Drive, in Baldoyle, admitted before Swords District Court to public order offences outside Wright's Cafe Bar, Malahide Road, Swords, on June 16.

Garda Amanda King said she was called to the pub following reports of a drunken male who was refusing to leave.

Garda King said she asked Murphy to leave the pub. He was verbally abusive to her but he walked outside. Once outside the pub, Garda King said Murphy grabbed her arm and pushed her aside.

She tried to block him going back into the venue.

The garda said Murphy then grabbed Garda Eoin O'Brien around the neck and pushed him aside. He also lashed out at Garda King and had to be restrained by officers.

Garda King said she was forced to use pepper spray to subdue Murphy, who continued to lash out at officers while he was in handcuffs.


The court heard Murphy has 24 previous convictions, mostly for public order matters.

Defence solicitor Fiona D'Arcy said Murphy, a father-of-two, is a barber who is looking for work. In relation to the incident, it took place on Father's Day. Ms D'Arcy said Murphy was upset as he was waiting for a telephone call from his children which never came.

She said Murphy, who suffers from depression, was upset and went drinking for the day.

Ms D'Arcy said Murphy was very sorry for the way he behaved, and he realises he has a drink problem. The solicitor said Murphy had €1,000 compensation in court. Judge Clyne ordered that the compensation be divided between the two gardai, saying they were only trying to do their jobs.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
Student fined for assault on garda

Published: 30 September 2013

Limerick Courthouse

By Mike Dwane
A MAN who admitted assaulting a garda while in custody in turn alleged he had been punched in the chest by a sergeant at Henry Street.

Anwar Sanki had not reported the matter to the Garda Ombudsman Commission partly because of that office’s concerns that gardai did not co-operate with its investigations, his solicitor Sarah Ryan told Limerick District Court.

But an exasperated Judge Eugene O’Kelly did not accept this explanation and said Sanki - who was accused of assaulting Garda Brian Delee following his arrest on February 16 - would have received a “full and fair hearing” had he decided to contest the charge.

Sanki, a 26-year-old student with an address in Adare, pleaded guilty to assault but in turn alleged he had been assaulted by an unnamed sergeant during his detention.

Prior to his arrest, Sanki had been ejected from Nancy Blake’s pub on Denmark Street over a “rude gesture” he made to a barmaid.

His solicitor Sarah Ryan said CCTV footage clearly showed that two security guards were sitting on her client outside the pub as they waited for gardai to arrive.

More footage from Henry Street garda station showed Sanki “calmly and casually entering the station with no protest”, Ms Ryan said.

She said Sanki had refused to give his name or otherwise co-operate with gardai as he believed he had been unlawfully arrested. It was after this that he alleged he had been punched in the chest by the sergeant.

The assault on Garda Delee, the arresting officer in the case, occurred as Sanki was being released from custody after the accused took exception to what he regarded as a “smirk” on Garda Delee’s face.He was placed in a cell and, when he was finally released, had vomited outside the garda station and gone to hospital where he was kept overnight. Ms Ryan noted that no CCTV footage had been made available of Sanki leaving the garda station. A medical report from the Centre for the Survivors for Torture, Ms Ryan said, found his injuries were “highly consistent” with Sanki’s version of events.

Sgt Donal Cronin said he could not say whether Garda Delee had been smirking or not but “even supposing that he had, the reaction of Mr Sanki was totally disproportionate to whatever subjective opinion he had of Garda Delee’s attitude”.

Judge O’Kelly said there was “an appropriate channel for complaints in relation to alleged Garda misbehaviour” and that the Ombudsman’s comments in relation to a lack of co-operation in specific cases had no relevance to this one.

Sanki was someone who “appears to have gone berserk in his cell, shouting and kicking at doors” on the night of his arrest.

He noted that Sanki had the option of contesting the case but had instead chosen to enter a plea of guilty to the offence.He further noted that the reply given by Sanki on being charged was “I’ll get you done”. If that had been a reference to the Ombudsman, he had done nothing about it and Judge O’Kelly said the remarks were more likely just “menacing and threatening”. The judge was “not one bit impressed” by this reply.

Sanki was fined €300 for assaulting Garda Delee and another €100 for intoxication in a public place.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
A medical report from a centre for survivors of torture! That's going a bit far
Those who can, do.

Those who can't do, teach.

Those who can't do or teach....... Manage!
I'm sure that bunch of Garda hating crusties had no bother doing up that report.
"I'm not fluent in the language of violence, but I know enough to get by in places where its spoken"

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Survivors of torture! What the fnuck.....this isn't Myanmar!
Whatever your reaching for better be a sandwich....coz your gonna eat it......
Next time a gouger slaps ya, claim torture and roll around on the floor having flashbacks 19
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I think the judges are too relaxed on assaulting members.
Limerick man threatened to “knife” garda

Published: 05 November 2013

Limerick Courthouse

A BALLINACURRA Weston man who threatened to “Knife” a garda was sentenced to ten weeks imprisonment.

Mark Barry, aged 23, of Garryglass Avenue pleaded guilty to engaging in threatening and abusive behaviour at Byrne Avenue, Prospect shortly after midnight on August 26, last.

Sgt Donal Cronin told Limerick Court that Garda Dean Landers was on patrol in the (A person who cannot be named on this site) Road area at around 12.40am when he observed Mr Barry and another man acting suspiciously.

He approached the men and at nearby Byrne Avenue, Mr Barry became abusive towards him saying: “I’ll get you some day on your own and I’ll knife you, you rookie.”

Solicitor Sarah Ryan told the court Mr Barry wished to apologise for the “distasteful” comments and she said he had “no intention of harming Garda Landers”.

However, Judge Eugene O’Kelly said in his view there was “something particularly sinister” about the comments .

He said there may have been a “residual fear (in Garda Landers’ mind) since that maybe this is the day that he (Mark Barry) will make good on the threat”.

The judge added that the comments were at the limit of the public order legislation under which he was charged and he commented that Mr Barry was “extremely lucky” that he was not facing a more serious charge.

He imposed a 10 week prison sentence which is to be served consecutively to a sentence which Mr Barry is currently serving.

John Lysaght, aged 23, of Talbot Avenue, Prospect received a suspended eight-week sentence after he also pleaded guilty to public order charges relating to the same incident.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
A man severed the artery of a Garda Sergeant after a row erupted because he claimed his daughter was mistreated at a nightclub. Carpenter John Boyle attacked the Garda and four bouncers outside Voodoo Nightclub in Letterkenny. Medics had to rush to save Sgt Aidan Doherty after he was attacked with a replica Stanley knife. Letterkenny Circuit Court heard today how blood squirted for up to a metre every time medics took bandages from Sgt Doherty’s arm. He was eventually operated on but the Garda will have a permanent scar on his arm. Details of the savage attack, which happened on August 14th, 2011, were read out in court. After an altercation with bouncers Boyle was removed from a queue and taken to one side. However Boyle, 47, who was charged with four counts of assault causing harm and two of making threats to kill, flipped and stabbed five people. Boyle stabbed Sgt Doherty in the leg and told him “I know where you F****** live and I’ll kill you.” He also said to bouncer after stabbing him in the leg “You’ll remember that the next time.” Three other bouncers noticed later they also all had stab wounds. Boyle, of 14 Leck Cottages, Letterkenny, said he had received a call from his daughter to say she had not been given change from €50 after she bought a drink. When she complained she was removed from the premises and was allegedly told that the club did not want her kind in it. She telephoned her father and he went to meet her and took the knife from her which she had in her handbag. He claimed he went to explain this to the bouncers and things got out of control. Barrister Peter Nolan said Boyle was a hard-worker who was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was a settled (Person of a certain ethnic background) who had a very difficult upbringing. Judge John O’Hagan said the fact that he is a settled (Person of a certain ethnic background) will not influence him in any way. He said whatever was said to him was not an excuse for him to do what he did on the night.Judge John O’Hagan said he did not bring the knife to the nightclub to cut his nails or to cut carpet in the nightclub. Judge O’Hagan said “I have a duty to the public and to members of An Garda Siochana that Mr Boyle will not do this again. “I can’t be seen to be giving people sweets in the light of severity of this assault. “It cries out for a custodial sentence. I don’t like doing this but it has to happen. Be he 47 or 18 under no circumstances will weapons or any other instruments be produced. It will not happen on my watch,” he said. He sentenced Boyle to two years in prison for all six counts and suspended the last six months.
So he stabs five people and nearly kills a Garda sergeant and only gets two years.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
Chronic alcoholic who assaulted garda avoids prison - but is barred from pubs
Tuesday 12th November 2013

Father-of-two David Lee avoids jail for assault on police officer
A CHRONIC alcoholic who assaulted a garda has avoided a prison sentence but has been barred from any premises licenced to sell alcohol in the Dublin area for one year.

Father-of-two David Lee was given a four month suspended sentence for assaulting Garda Shane Haughney.

Lee had pulled Garda Haughney over a number of tables in a public house before picking up an object and striking the garda over the head, causing a laceration, following an earlier incident at a house, Swords District Court heard.

Lee (30) of Newtown Court, Northern Cross on the Malahide Road pleaded guilty to assaulting Garda Haughney and using threatening and abusive behaviour at The Estuary Pub in Swords on March 25th.

Sergeant Patrick Byrne gave evidence that following an incident at a house in Castlegrange in Swords, Lee had left the house after speaking to gardai. When gardai left the estate, they noticed Lee hunched down behind a hedge.

Lee told Garda Haughney to 'f**k off' and called him a 'specky c**t' before throwing a bottle at him. He then went to the Estuary Pub in Swords and was followed in by Garda Haughney.

"He pulled the door back onto Garda Haughney's arm and pushed his fists up to fight," said Sgt Byrne.

A struggle ensued and both men fell over tables and a number of customers fled the pub. Garda Haughney received a laceration to his head after Lee struck him over the head with an object.

Lee, who has 23 previous convictions, was arrested and charged. Defence solicitor Ms Fiona Darcy told the court that Lee is a 'chronic alcoholic' who was heavily addicted to cannabis.

She said Lee has been struggling for some time with cannabis and alcohol and had far too much to drink on the night. She said it was the mother of Lee's two children who had contacted gardai that night as Lee had been drinking too much.

Judge Alan Mitchell said he takes a serious view of assaults on gardai and after he handed Lee a four month sentence which he suspended for one year, he ordered that Lee stay away from all premises licenced to sell alcohol for one year. He also ordered that Lee not be under the influence of alcohol in public.

"It is in your own interest not to come to garda attention," he warned Lee.


Jury sent home for second night after failing to reach verdict

Court hears of longstanding relationships between kidnapping accused

Limerick stabbing suspects in court

Man disqualified from driving for 145 years jailed for four years
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
How could you possibly enforce that? Uess he has 24hr surveillance, isn't a safe bet an alcoholic will visit either a pub or an off licence??
Ah the estuary. Such a classy establishment. So proud to be from Swords
A garda has been injured after his motorbike was rammed during an incident in Dublin city centre.

Two men are in custody following a high speed chase across city this afternoon.

It is understood that the officer noticed a suspicious vehicle in the Lennox Street area of the city centre.

He went to investigate but car was driven at his bike, knocking him to the ground.

Officers immediately set up checkpoints across the city but the car sped through a stop in Harold’s Cross, narrowly missing more gardai.

Eventually after a chase two men abandoned the car near the Tom Kelly flats Charlemount Street, Dublin 2.

One man was arrested at the scene but another escaped and managed to hail a taxi.

He was picked up by officers a short time later in Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

Both men are currently being questioned by detectives and investigations are continuing.

The garda’s injuries are not thought to be life-threatening but he is receiving medical treatment.

Source Irish independent
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Jail for knife thug who did this to courageous PSNI officer

[Image: uqy2aha3.jpg]
Sergeant Mark Wright's horrific injuries following the knife attack in Lurgan
BY COLIN FRANCIS – 13 November 2013

A police sergeant badly wounded by a man armed with a knife said he hopes the sentence handed out to his attacker will encourage confidence in policing and act as a deterrent.

A 42-year-old man was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm, attempted wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm, assault on police, affray and possession of an offensive weapon.

The offences related to an incident in Lurgan, Co Armagh, during the early hours of February 5, 2012.

Police responded to a report of a domestic incident at Filbin Street and found a man locked in a house with two small children. The man opened the door as officers attempted to gain entry and attacked a police officer with a knife and attempted to injure another before he was restrained and disarmed.

Sgt Mark Wright sustained two knife wounds to his head during the incident. The man was arrested at the scene and the two young children, aged one and three at the time, were uninjured and brought to safety.

Speaking after the sentencing, Sgt Wright said: "We knew there was a man in the house who had already assaulted a number of females and that two young children were also present in the house."

During the sentencing Judge Lynch commended police for using minimum force.

Sgt Wright said: "I am aware of the perception in some communities that police are heavy-handed and I hope the judge's comments dispels some of this thinking."
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
That is so different to what he would get here Silop mate.