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Glasgow Helicopter Crash
Looks like a Scotland police Heli has gone down in Glasgow on top of a pub.

Thoughts are with the crew, people in the pub and the emergency services up there tonight, hopefully no serious injuries or fatalities
confirmed a EC135 call sign SP99 police helicopter has crashed into a central glasgow pub.
Volunteers Are Unpaid , Not Because They Are Worthless. But Because They  Are Priceless !!!
Pictures from daily mail [Image: vu9yry2e.jpg][Image: jyzequsy.jpg][Image: qy6a6esa.jpg]
[Image: sa2e4ava.jpg][Image: ugu9erad.jpg][Image: qaruqe9e.jpg][Image: sybe3ade.jpg][Image: my2eby7u.jpg]

[Image: y4evyne8.jpg][Image: ra8yjeja.jpg][Image: my4ydyjy.jpg][Image: ypy6a2yh.jpg]
[Image: u8a2e5y8.jpg][Image: e2ene8en.jpg][Image: my9u3ube.jpg][Image: ubyberuv.jpg]
Apparently, some still trapped inside. No fatalities recorded!
touch wood they get out alive
Volunteers Are Unpaid , Not Because They Are Worthless. But Because They  Are Priceless !!!
Looks very grim tbh.
Looks grim alright, but heres hoping.
The less you give a feck, The happier you'll be!!
BBC News now saying they cannot confirm the condition of three individuals, feared dead by the Guardian.

Quote:Gordon Smart, editor the Scottish Sun, told the BBC:

I can't really believe what's happened. I was on the phone at the time and I heard a misfiring engine. Looked above me, couldn't work out where it was coming from, it got louder and louder and I just spotted a helicopter falling from the sky.

It was falling at great speed. It looked like the rotors weren't spinning but the helicopter was sort of turning in a strange position and dropping at great speed. Oddly enough there was no explosion no fire ball.

It's a busy Friday night, a lot of people have been out in the pubs, there are a lot of pubs in that area. I do fear… I would be staggered if there weren't fatalities from the area it's landed.
SARDOGS now been requested
Volunteers Are Unpaid , Not Because They Are Worthless. But Because They  Are Priceless !!!
BBC reporting there was 120 people in the pub at the time of the crash.

[Image: BaSDrwmCUAAdp1m.jpg:large]
I wonder if they were trying for the river?

[Image: map-1-522x293.jpg] - Home of the real emergency service personnel.
The statement of the Scottish first minister would suggest to me the air crew have probably perished! Horrific accident.
"Private Number Calling" - As if im going to answer that!!!
Pretty terrible scenes allright. Sky News saying six people dead and Scottish Police saying no hope of finding anymore survivors.
Does it remind anybody else when they look at those pics of the bad days in Northern Ireland? Very tragic accident, horrific trauma sustained I'd say.
It's not the HSE's opinion, it's not managements opinion, it's mine. All mine.
8 deceased 3 of which were in chopper. Very sad.
It's not stalking until you get caught with your pants down...
RIP to the deceased, credit to the ES involved on good work in tough circumstances.
We are the willing, led by the unknowning, doing the impossible, for the ungrateful.
Apsolutly terrible, RIP.
Whatever your reaching for better be a sandwich....coz your gonna eat it......