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Two quick questions, thanks in advance.
Just before Christmas I found out I passed the GR interview (also applied for the full-time) and was just curious?

1: How long generally will it take me now before I actually start training if everything else goes according to plan. My BR forms are sent of but have family abroad in New York and Glasgow, no criminality in the family.

2: I currently work part-time in a nightclub as security, I know I have to give back my PSA but how does this effect stewarding (festivals, concerts, matches) is this allowed? Also if there's any Dublin Airport Search Unit staff here that could confirm that it's ok to work in the ASU and be a Reserve at the same time, I was told that it's ok and am hoping to apply to the ASU next time it is advertised (when if anyone knows?).
Any occupation involving PSA disqualifies you from the Reserve I'm afraid. Wait time will be longer if you have relatives abroad generally.

Best of luck with both your applications buddy
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Stewarding wouldn't be allowed either. Although I know that the PSA licence isn't required for stewarding
As far as i know stewarding is not an option as your working for a PSA registered company. As regards working search at airports i'm not sure but i'm almost positive thats out too due to it being a security role.
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Stewarding is out as Ballast said. You will be working for a PSA Reg company, unless it's cash in hand which won't happen. Any PSA licensed events are out as is working doors.
There is a reserve in my station starting in the ASU this month, there doesnt seem to be a bother with this.
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No PSA required to work ASU
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Sorry by ASU I'm guessing you don't mean sir support unit?
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Thanks for the responses.
Turned out the ASU advertised last week so have an application in. The BR forms for the Reserves I'd imagine will be another 6 months plus waiting so don't have to worry about giving back my PSA licence just yet.
Very best of luck with both applications Recruit
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