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Question for the paramedics about driving.
Saw a post on another forum about bad driving and noticed a few videos of people tailgaiting ambulances on blues.

I presume its most likely a relative/friend of the person in the ambulance but how do you feel about it? It seems dangerous to me, but what can you do to stop it?

Have you ever had any experience with it and how did you manage?

I've never had it happen when transporting with omac, because usually the family runs off ahead of us and gets there first 16.

Here's 2 videos I dug up


It boils my piss to be honest. "I'll follow in the car" then why didnt you take them in the car ??? I always issue strict instructions that they do not follow directly behind the ambulance, because if they do I will stop the ambulance and request AGS to deal with them.
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Same as Gap 70 most families won't do it. When ordinary mops do it & I notice it A) a quick phone call is made to AGS which usually results in them being stopped or b) if AGD aren't available, I will stop the ambulance in the middle of traffic, get out & embarrass them
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I'll echo what the lads said. If family are following I'll ask them not to tailgate, and if they do I'll stop and go back to them. They think hazard lights turn their car into Kevlar.

I've had to ring AGS a few times about clowns tailgating me on a motorway, it usually results in them getting stopped.

A favourite of mine is to pull into the slow lane so they have no option but to overtake. Just as they pull alongside I pick up the radio and quite obviously pretend I'm reading out there reg plate whilst looking at the plate.

They soon get the message. 148136
It's not the HSE's opinion, it's not managements opinion, it's mine. All mine.
Its outright dangerous, thwy are too close to you to safely stop. Were in a big yellow van with lights and sirens, no one is expecting a car to be following and may crash into it
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That clown in the first video could've been T-Boned……the ambulance went through an amber (less than a second after it changed from green, but the car following went through a clear red).

Plus he was that far behind the normal motorist wouldn't figure out he was with the ambulance at all.
It's not the HSE's opinion, it's not managements opinion, it's mine. All mine.
Was followed in a fire appliance one night by a wannabe.

Tailed us all the way to a house fire, through red lights, opposite side of road etc. Once at scene it turned out to be a minor fire and we approached him and questioned him. He didn't really see what all the fuss was about.

Was promptly put back in his box and kicked out of the voluntary group he was joined. Could've delayed us if he crashed into us or worse, killed someone...
The harder you train, the easier it gets.
I do see it happen a good few times... espically with ambulances.
........"its not our area"
Race into Hospital to wait around for 8 hours. Makes no sense.
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The Quicker Treat and refer comes the better.. But i have to agree you pull up to a house with one + cars in drive way and they call you to take misses Doyle to the hospital, when really they could of done it them selves(they get bumped up the list) IS WHAT PEOPLE THINK IF THEY COME IN BY AMB. I also tell the family not to rush in because if the guards stop you, they may do you and if i find some one tail gating me on purpose i take the reg and contact the garda station in that area, unfortunately am told they're is nothing they can do, and some say we'll look into it.
Not sure how true this is. Friend whos a mule said ring traffic watch. As its taken by a civvie and logged on yhe the system then disseminated to station as an incident number is created it must be followed up.

I used it last year after seeing two kids being transported in the boot of a hatchback