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Cyanide kits
Quick question.  Do brigades in Ireland routinely carry kits for treating cyanide poisoning on their pumps?  I think it is standard, in particular in France.

Some places seem to use inhaled amyl nitrate (the mules would know these as "poppers"....) and I know in France they favour Vitamin B12 injections whereas the US would use other drugs.
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No. Only place I've heard having these kits is factories using cyanide based chemicals.
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Interesting stuff, just had a read of this:

This the antidote you'd be thinking of - case for use here maybe?
I want more info!!
Barring knowing it was a byproduct if combustion Ive heard f...k all about the hazards of it.
Found this article which I thought was good, would be interested in finding out a bit more about this....

So you get cyanide (hydrogen cyanide, HCN) production when you burn plastics and fabrics.  You breathe it in and it causes symptoms at relatively low doses.  When it gets into your cells it binds to enzymes and blocks intracellular metabolism (so the conversion of oxygen and glucose to energy, water and carbon dioxide) similar to the cellular effects of carbon monoxide.  You get headache, nausea & vomiting, agitation, confusion and then collapse.  In the textbook you get pink skin and a "bitter almond" smell off their breath.

The most common cyanide antidote regimen on the continent is
  Inhaled amyl nitrate (poppers) - a small glass ampule you break under their nose
  Hydroxycobalamin (vitamin B12 infusion) iv infusion  (@civdef 's Cyanokit from above)
  Sodium thiosulphate iv infusion

Ideally all three components should be used together.  The amyl nitrate is quick and buys you time while you set up the drip.  The thiosulphate potentiates the hydroxycobalamin so it is more effective.

In the UK and USA sodium nitrite infusion was used instead of hydroxycobalamin but this is being gradually replaced as it is much better.  As far as I know, the French carry iv antidote kits on their motors to treat crews on-site.
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Isn't amyl nitrate used as a street drug? I've never seen it (at least I don't think so). 
It's not the HSE's opinion, it's not managements opinion, it's mine. All mine.
Yup, known as doing `poppers`. You inhale it to get high. Can cause a side effect called methaemaglobinaemia where you actually turn blue like you're hypoxic but are still talking. Freaky!
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