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Ambulance controllers/call takers
How ye, I know there has to be at least one of ye on here. 

Just have a question. More and more these days in OMAC we're being told to communicate with ambulance control more frequently. Obviously we have to now when transporting instead of ringing the hospital direct like we used to, but we're even being told to ring ambo control to let them know we're in the area for certain events. 

I often do ring them, and they seem dead on and grand but I often feel like we're being a nuisance just letting them know. There have been times in the past where a NAS ambulance has gotten to a patient before us at an event because somebody rang 999, but nobody contacted us. 

Is the info of us being in the locality any good to ye? 
What would you expect of us, and would you call us if a call did come in? 

I guess that's the whole idea, but just wanted to hear your side of it. 
I have often wondered the same thing.
Yes control has dispatched our ambo to a cardiac arrest across the road from the fun day we were covering
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I know of plenty (me included) who think it's a waste of time.  

For example we're being paid to attend a race meeting where horses eject their riders all the time.   We're not paid to worry about an RTC or something else 10 miles down the road.  Fair enough, if it's a major emergency we'll go, but for anything else?  We can't just go up and leave the event uncovered.  What do you do when control rings you?  Go to the racecourse manager and say "sorry, we've been asked to attend XYZ?".   We'd swiftly lose the work in the future if we caused big events to halt.

It's not our place, IMO. 
I personally don't believe that's what we're calling for. We're calling to let them know we're on site of a large complex and if anybody calls 999 about something control will know that so they can notify us, if nobody else does.

Especially if we're covering a road race over 5-10km. It's happened to us numerous times where somebody injures themself off a bike or something, and people call 999, meanwhile we're only 5 minutes down the road and nobody has told us until it's been too late or until a NAS one is on scene. 

The upcoming st patrick day parade is another good example imo. Sure if somebody has an arrest like bobby mentioned and its across the street I'd prob be fine with that but things down the road in the next village I wouldnt. 

Thats why I never let them know when we're at horse meets. There are certain events where its appropriate to do so.