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For those of you who were and weren't in Blackrock today
Tony Golden's family asked a local photographer Niall Carroll to record the memories of today so that his children in time to come could see what their father stood for and how well he was though of

For those of you who were today and saw the drone buzzing overhead here is the footage that this amazing photographer captured (same photographer is responsible for the overhead photo of the procession of members marching into Blackrock)

I don't have any words to be honest to describe this footage
Sorry but HOW many copies of this do you want????
Only words I have are wow ........ What a send off

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Volunteers Are Unpaid , Not Because They Are Worthless. But Because They  Are Priceless !!!
Today was a sad day but I took something from today. I noticed how members from other parts of the country who may not have seen each other for a time., greeted each other. The smile, the hand shake and the chat. I could see the camaraderie amongst Gardaí, no barriers, no objectives and all there to celebrate a brave officer. I was impressed to see officers walking back with all members.

I could see other members visibly upset and shed a tear or two. I could see them being consoled by others. It didn't matter if you knew tony or not. He was one of ours. We lost one of ours and he will always be one of ours. An Garda Siochana may not be what the people want at times but it is what they need. Rushing in when others run away. Standing watch, guarding and protecting.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
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I couldn't agree more @silop10

I seen lads today that I haven't seen since I left Templemore and lads that I haven't seen since I left the DMR 7.5 yeas ago

And everyone of them when they saw the LH on the shoulder offered words of support and a smile

The smallest gestures mean so much in an organisation like ours

As was said to my class when I started in April '00 "the people around you will be your friends for life" and this is so true 

We don't see classmates or old colleagues for years and things never change, the abuse starts straight away and it's like you've only seen them yesterday 

We as an organisation look after one another through everything, and it's at times like this I put everything aside, and say I'm grateful for my friends and colleagues and I'm thankful to be party of such a wonderful family
Sorry but HOW many copies of this do you want????
110% I was proud to stand there today. I was proud of what I do and why I do it. To stand with men and women, to salute a fallen brother
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

[Image: SARGE300_zpsb3d5acad.png]
I was glad to be there today - shoulder to shoulder. I saw officers and troops who, due to this tragedy; temporarily dropped the rank and acknowledged that we stand together.

I'm also grateful to the representatives of all the other services. The Defence Forces really stood out here - getting stuck in on assisting traffic with junction control. Not to mention the quick drill refreshers.

One thing that struck me was the silence. The only audible sound coming from the garda band. It really hit me at that point.
What a poignant day. It really brings it back to the fact we never know what we are walking in to on any call.

The village of Blackrock was a postcard picture backdrop for what was a very sad day.

It was clear on the day that the numbers were huge the video above puts it in perspective.
An amazing turnout. RIP Tony Golden
I have to miror the comment of Reality, this is the second state funeral I have attended and once again the defence lads really impressed me with their assistance.
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