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The housing crisis!

2000 rejections with the majority being for reasons ranging from te absurd to the 'ok, kinda acceptable'. In my mind none are acceptable reasons. Your on a housing list, its not a 'dont really wanna actually pay for my own house' list. 

You want private parking? BUY a house

Want to dictate what neighbours you have? BUY a house

Local emnities and transport? BUY a house

I sure as hell didnt fall in love with my first home but it was decent for my needs and I could afford it
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This is only a small insight, SF I believe turned down 1000s of accommodation in Dublin as it would destroy their stance on beating  the current government with the homeless issue.

How many have made their name from this issue, not to have an issue results in having no platform.
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The Couch, an area to discuss issues of Welfare, Discipline, Peer Support and Concern
Stresskills for further articles and information
Society reaping the rewards of creating the "Entitlement Generation"

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I know there's a load of houses in Fingal that could be purchased by the council are offering so little to owners it's not worth selling to them
I've wondered about this, if the rent wasn't so low how many people would actually be on the housing list? A friend of mine in school who worked part time during school, got an apprenticeship in Dublin Bus and is in full time employment in another field now went on the housing list. Fairly certain that he purchased a house through the affordable housing scheme. Should someone like him be in local authority housing? I don't think so. Also, people from certain backgrounds have no desire to better themselves and leave that area and are happy to milk the system. - Home of the real emergency service personnel.
I agree 100%. If you haven't put anything into society then you shouldn't be expecting anything out of it. I could go on and give myself an aneurysm but I won't.
It's not the HSE's opinion, it's not managements opinion, it's mine. All mine.
I love the politicians who go and go over it. If you're that fucking worried asked them to move on with you then
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

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