“Thank you for your service” my ass!

This is an event that I will always remember, for good and bad reasons.

I was just finishing a night shift and it was Monday morning. Now this was on the old system so for anyone that worked it, that meant I had finished night 7 in a row and was officially already on my first of only 2 days off before going back Wednesday. It was a pretty poor system for various reasons but anyway…

So here I am driving home and as I pass by a few parked cars in a  lesser respected area (the type thats mostly good working class people but a good portion of the bad eggs) when I see two lads on bikes looking in car windows. Its 6.25am, this is not two guys on their way to do an honest days work. So I decide to call it in but watch and see what happens, I go a little past them, over a small hill and do a u-turn planning to pull in but as I do the turn they are already smashing the crap out of a car. I dont have much options now so I pull in and jump out of the car.

Just as I’m doing that the first lad sees me and starts towards me, I am of course heading towards him. So he shouts “Mick, put a bullet in this fucker” and even though Im 99% certain thats complete bullshit, the 1% does enter my head for a second. Anyway, its quickly dismissed and when I see him take off on foot at me shouting “Gardai” I’m 100% and emboldened.

Now what happens next is straight from a Benny Hill sketch. There I am chasing two lads around and around a parked car. Literally doing laps going nowhere thinking to myself ‘How fucking stupid do I look at this moment?’ when the slower one stops and I get hold of him. Theres a tussle between us and were in the middle of the road when his mate decides to help out so Im holding one down and the seconds grabbing me. Luckily for me a taxi pulls, stops and looks at us, so I shout “I’m a Guard, can you call the station” naturally he woouldnt know the local station number but anyway, thats what I said. 112 or 999 would have made more sense in hindsight. Does he do it? Nope, he rolls down his window and shouts something along the lines of “Good enough for ya, pig” or similar then drives off. I did see the license number but by the end of the whole thing I had forgotten it.

Thankfully the car behind him proves to be a decent person and he gets out of his car and not only drags the lad of me then after he pegs it, gives me a hand with the one I’m still holding. He turned out to be a prison officer on the way to work.

So anyway, thats one I remember. The ‘citizen’ that were all here for, chasing scumbags around cars because they are attacking the ‘citizens’ car, hoped the criminals won and I got hospitalised, another ‘lazy and overpaid’ public servant did the right thing and bailed me out.

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